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MacTarnahan's Highlander.

MacTarnahan's Highlander is new from the Portland Brewing Co. of Portland, OR. According to Portland master brewer Alan Kornhauser, Highlander utilizes Brewer's Gold hops. The prized hop is grown in small quantities in Keizer, Oregon and kiln-dried in the Willamette Valley. The dried hops are then shipped to England for distilling. After distilling, a small flask of pure hop oil returns to Portland, where it's carefully added as a finishing touch to Highlander Pale Ale. Kornhauser, who's spent the last four years pioneering the use of hop oil in craft beers, says this year's hop oil is exceptionally clean and aromatic. "We've distilled 100 pounds of Brewer's Gold into 500 milliliters of pure hop oil," explains Kornhauser. "It's so potent, a mere thimble full will flavor nearly 400 cases of beer."
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Title Annotation:Portland Brewing Co. announces new beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Jul 2, 2001
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