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MacTarnahan's Highlander Pale Ale.


Caption: MacTarnahan's Highlander Pale Ale becomes the Portland Brewing Co.'s second craft beer in a can. Building on the 2001 release of MacTarnahan's Amber Ale in a can, the company says the new offering will allow the MacTarnahan's brand to further penetrate "can-only" markets including air-lines, golf courses and marinas, in which craft beers have minimal representation. The bright red cans will be available the first week of August. The brand recipe included a touch of hop oil, the inspiration of brewmaster Al Kornhauser. "We distil 100 pounds of Brewer's Gold into 500 milliliters of pure hop oil," he explains. "It's so potent, a mere thimble full will flavor nearly 400 cases of beer." The canning is done at the Pacific Western Brewing Company of Prince George, B.C." Pacific Western is a small, innovative brewery much like us, excent they have a canning line." Says Kornhauser.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Aug 5, 2002
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