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MacTarnahan's Brewing Company.


Caption: MacTarnahan's Brewing Company of Portland, OR, has announced release of Uncle Otto's Weisss Beer in a bottle. "I'm delighted it's being bottled," says brewery advisor "Uncle" Ottomar Rudolf. "It's a true German wheat beer, and it's better than the imports because you can enjoy it brewery fresh." The beer is made with a strain of yeast from one of Germany's oldest breweries, brought to the U.S. by Rudolf. "This is one of the few beers in which yeast is critical flavor," explains Brewmaster Alan Kornhauser. "During the fermentation process, the yeast produces subtle flavors of fruit and spice, most notably bananas and cloves. This is how we get so much flavor out of such an easy-drinking, refreshing beer."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Feb 18, 2002
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