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Perhaps at times impartial poets may Convey considered comment on the way A State's development quite often seems Dependant on another's social Schemes, And seen to-day when many in a Band Debate in Denmark, there to understand How common policies can so contrive Right resolutions that then come alive Conclusions bringing with considered care Agreed associations everywhere. Yet while an all-enduring Union need The common currency still unagreed And which, should all accept, approve, affirm, An all-embracing Euro-Coin confirm, At last prophetically propose, portend An equalising economic trend. Again, though Euro-Schemes been well begun The British attitude not yet the one Most members sure from which should rightly be Enduring European empathy. And while her Euro-critics clearly claim In patriotic pride she stays the same As she, herself, more often right relates With sympathetic, long united, States, And this though others say soon bound to bring A re-appraisal of the European thing. As well her government might then befall And others rule because a few, not all, Said Madam did not rightly realise A need for patriotic compromise As she, content to contemplate the scene Where once prime minister so often been And they with Maastricht more in mind begin To play the Euro-game still hope to win, Attempts to warn, deliberately decides Against involving patriotic prides With other Countries, those whose policies Perhaps prefer long devious destinies. And as she looks again towards The West Her anxious attitudes suggest, Remarks about the well-known working way Of Germany recalling yesterday, It might be wise to ponder previous power and pain Lest some deluded youngsters mass and march again.
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Author:Smith, John T.
Publication:Contemporary Review
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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