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Maalox mix-ups prompt action.

Reports of mix-ups between Maalox products have prompted the manufacturer to change the name of one of the products, according to a notice posted on the FDA's MedWatch site.

The FDA received five reports of consumers who used Maalox Total Relief, which contains bismuth subsalicylate, when they had intended to use one of the Maalox antacid products, which contain aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, and simethicone. Maalox products are manufactured by Novartis.

The Maalox antacid products have packaging similar to that of Maalox Total Relief, which is used to treat diarrhea, upset stomach associated with nausea, heartburn, and gas. Maalox Total Relief should not be used in certain populations, including children and teenagers recovering from a viral infection, and people on oral antidiabetic medications, anticoagulants, or NSAIDs, the statement said.

Novartis has agreed to change the name of Maalox Total Relief to a name that does not include the word "Maalox," to change the graphics on the container, and to report adverse events. The manufacturer expects to start selling the renamed product in September 2010.

--From staff reports

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Comment:Maalox mix-ups prompt action.(NEWS FROM THE FDA)
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Date:Mar 15, 2010
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