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MaXXan Launches Intelligent Storage Switch Platform and NAS Gateway Solutions.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 11, 2003

The MaXXan(R) MXV320(TM), Industry's First Scalable, Intelligent

Switching Platform Simplifies Management and Reduces Cost of

Storage Networks

MaXXan Systems, Inc. (, a leading developer of next-generation storage networking infrastructure, today announced the MaXXan MXV320(TM) intelligent switching platform and the MaXXan SG100 Storage Gateway(TM) products.

The MaXXan MXV320, which has been in beta testing since December 2002 and is currently in end-user field trials, is the first of a new generation of SAN switching products capable of delivering higher-level storage application functions as services of the network. In addition to announcing the MXV320 intelligent switching platform, the Company also announced the general availability of its SG100 NAS gateway powered by NAS software from VERITAS Software Corporation.

"The industry is defining a new class of SAN switching product, the intelligent switching platform, that has the potential to usher in a new way of deploying storage functionality as services of the network," explains Steve Duplessie, Enterprise Storage Group's founder and senior analyst. "This concept has a lot of potential for changing how things are done in the storage world. Workhorse applications such as LAN free data backup and restoration, or data replication, would be easier to deploy if they could be done as network services. New applications such as virtualization are a natural for being deployed as a network function. Could you deploy RAID functionality as a service of an intelligent SAN? Perhaps not today, but I would not be surprised to see this happen in the future."

The MaXXan MXV320 combines functional elements of a Fibre Channel director with those of a multi-protocol router and a high-performance server optimized for storage into a scalable, intelligent switching platform that enables higher-level storage applications such as virtualization, data replication, backup/restore, and NAS to be deployed as services of the network itself.

"With the technology available to us today there is no reason to view the SAN as just a plumbing infrastructure any longer," explained Vic Mahadevan, MaXXan's chief executive officer. "MaXXan's goal is to provide customers a considerable reduction in the complexity and cost of deploying and managing their storage environments by making the storage network itself an integral part of a data center's computing infrastructure. Through the use of network processor technology at every port and standard Intel-Linux programming environment, we have the capability to deliver higher-level storage application functionality right from the switch."

The MaXXan MXV320 is a programmable, highly available, protocol-independent SAN switch that scales from 10 to 320 ports. With its modular, single-stage, non-blocking architecture, the system is capable of sustaining wire speeds across all of its ports. Customers can independently and dynamically re-configure Fibre Channel ports as Gigabit Ethernet ports for FC/IP connections and can trunk any number of ports together to form large virtual connections across long distances. The system incorporates programmable network processor technology at each port, which provides an environment for migrating functionality into the SAN infrastructure itself rather than keeping it in the server, appliance or storage controller.

The MXV320 is managed by MaXXan's SANCruiser(TM), a sophisticated GUI-based management system that integrates easily with existing management framework products such as CA Unicenter, HP Openview, and Patrol from BMC.

MaXXan is also announcing the SG100 Storage Gateway, which is now generally available. The SG100 Storage Gateway powered by VERITAS NAS software has been shipping on a limited availability basis since December 2002. The product implements industry-leading VERITAS File System, Volume Management and Cluster Management technology and is a cost-effective way for customers to leverage their SAN-attached block-oriented storage systems for their file serving needs. For additional scalability and investment protection, the system's board and software can be easily removed and installed as an application blade in the MXV chassis.

Pricing and Availability

The MaXXan MXV320 is currently shipping for customer field trials. The MaXXan SG100 Storage Gateway is now shipping to selected resellers in the United States and Canada at an MSRP beginning at US$44,600.

About Maxxan Systems, Inc.

MaXXan Systems, Inc. is delivering next-generation networking infrastructure technologies to customers organizations deploying large-scale storage networks. MaXXan's intelligent products bring simplicity, scalability, and performance to heterogeneous storage networks while protecting customers' investments. The Company's next-generation networking solutions offer unprecedented enterprise-class features and simplify the deployment and management of today's complex storage networks. For more information call (866) 4-MAXXAN or visit MaXXan's website at
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