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Ma motor pure rips ma knittin' Voice recognition system in car can't understand Scot's accent.


HILARIOUS footage captures a Scot's increasing fury as a voiceactivated car phone system can't understand his accent.

Father-of-five Paul Lees, 43, was driving his wife Frances-anne home from a hospital appointment when the voice command system in his Ford S-Max failed to understand his Glasgow brogue - just like a sketch in Scots TV show Burnistoun.

CAr capers his wife Frances-anne used her camera phone to capture the telecommunications officer getting into a rage while trying to call a garage. He repeatedly asks the car to call Re Nu It in Falkirk, but the system instead tries to call his friend "Beege" or tells him it's "not possible".

As he becomes more incensed, Paul slows his speech down and speaks as clearly as possible but the system says the number requested is "not recognised".

Paul then adopts a cockney accent before giving up and calling it a "wa**er of a machine".

Paul and Frances-anne Frances-anne says Paul argued with the voice system for 10 minutes before admitting defeat.

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CAR CAPERS Paul and his wife Frances-anne his - in

I GIVE UP Paul admits defeat after trying a variety of accents

CAR RAGE Paul loses his cool at the wheel as he tries to get control system to work

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 29, 2016
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