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MZB USA installs Neuhaus RFB 350.

ALPHARETTA, GA. -- Neuhaus Neotec USA announced that Massimo Beverage Zanetti USA commissioned an RFB 350 batch roaster from the company for its Suffolk, Va., roasting facility. The RFB 350 has a roasting capacity of up to 9,000 lbs/h.

In the 1990s Zanetti USA, which is headquartered in Suffolk, ordered eight Neuhaus RFB 150 roasters with a roasting capacity of 2000-3000 lbs/h for its factory. As with the RFB 150 roaster, the RFB 350 offers great flexibility in roasting. This flexibility allows for a high air/bean ratio enabling the production of fast-roasted, low-density, high-yield coffees.

"The purchase of the new 350 roaster was due to capacity needs. We were very familiar with the Rotary Fluidized bed-roasting concept and particularly like its operating characteristics and flexibility," explained Ted Kooij, senior process engineer for Massimo Zanetti USA. "As far as additional capability of this roaster versus the original eight, it is very similar and doesn't dramatically increase flexibility." What it does do, he said, is to significantly reduce the maintenance requirements per pound of throughput as well as enhanced roaster safety. The RFB 350 also keeps fuel costs at reasonable levels.

Both the RFB 150 and 350 roasters are of the same type: recirculating fluidized bed roasters. It permits Zanetti USA to produce the wide variety of coffees seen on the market today. For Zanetti, it is important that both the RFB 150 and 350 are able to roast specialty coffees with a variety of roasting profiles and densities required for the current market. Zanetti roasts a wide variety of coffees on the RFB roasters--from Arabica to Robusta, and all blends in between. Color ranges from dark to light roasts.

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