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Byline: By Paul Maunder South Wales Echo

A hairdresser suddenly dropped dead at her home.

Susan Morgan, 51, collapsed and died in her living room at her home in Coryton Rise, Coryton, Cardiff, on December 20, last year, an inquest in Cardiff was told.

Her husband Paul said, in a statement read by coroner Lawrence Addicott, how she fell forward, striking her head on a metal fire grate, in the middle of the room after saying she felt dizzy.

Mr Morgan said his wife seemed 'fairly content but said she was tired' when he picked her up from a hairdressing salon in Ely, on the day she died.

The court heard how Mrs Morgan, who was a smoker, was described as a 'light eater' and had started using the Atkins diet.

Dr Deborah Cook, Home Office pathologist, told the inquest that she could find nothing physically wrong with Mrs Morgan that could have led to her death. She also had no head injuries.

She concluded Mrs Morgan could have died from Long Q-T Syndrome - an hereditary disorder of the heart's electrical rhythm that can occur in otherwise healthy people.

However, the condition could only be diagnosed in living people, according to Dr Cook.

The court heard how a 19-year-old relative of Mrs Morgan also had died suddenly in the past.

Dr Addicott said: 'Cases like this are reported to me on several occasions a year.

'I can find no evidence that there were any unnatural factors in Mrs Morgan's death.'

He recorded a verdict of death by natural causes. LONG Q-T SYNDROME: n People with Long Q-T syndrome are susceptible to an abnormally rapid heart rhythm.

n When this happens, the heart muscle cannot contract effectively, and the normal volume of blood is reduced to the body and to the brain.

n If the brain is starved of oxygen, the person faints within seconds.

n If the heart can't regain its normal rhythm, it may go into spasms.

n Without immediate emergency treatment, death follows within minutes.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 27, 2004
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