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MYHEALTH; Allan Meek, 50, is Managing Director of building services specialist SCS Group. He lives in Cardiff.

HOW HEALTHY ARE YOU? I'm quite fit but not so healthy. I exercise a lot and really enjoy sports including boxing and triathlons, but I don't pay much attention to diet.

WHAT'S IN YOUR FRIDGE? My fiance runs her own business too so shopping tends to be a bit haphazard. At the moment there is lots of yoghurt, strawberries, cheese, parma ham, olives, rocket salad, smoothies, apple juice, eggs cider and white wine and an out of date scotch egg.

WHAT'S YOUR HEALTH WEAKNESS? Beer and crisps. After the gym I can easily munch a family bag of kettle chips with a beer. WHAT'S YOUR HEALTH KICK? Simply going for a run is my all-purpose health boost. It cures hangovers, de-stresses me and I often find I'm smiling while running no matter what sort of day I've had.

HOW OFTEN DO YOU EXERCISE? About five days a week. I usually manage a couple of sessions at the boxing gym and then either run, cycle, or swim a few mornings before work. WHAT'S YOUR SUPER HEALTH PRODUCT? I've been taking glucosamine sulphate for a long time and find it's really good for keeping my joints moving. WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE HEALTHY MEAL? Fruit, Greek yoghurt and honey for breakfast.

WHAT'S YOUR BEST HEALTH TIP? Always have a challenge on the horizon to keep you motivated. Whether it's a run, cycle, trek or mountain, having a goal makes it easier to drag yourself out of bed on those cold winter mornings. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON PLASTIC SURGERY? If it makes people feel good then why not. However, I believe people could achieve better results through exercise as being fit does as much for your mental wellbeing as physical appearance. WHERE'S YOUR FAVOURITE OUTDOOR SPOT TO EXERCISE? The Taff Trail from Cardiff to Caerphilly. I cycle to work along it sometimes - a silent, picturesque commute winding through the woods. On a summer morning it's one of my favourite times of the day.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 3, 2011
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