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MY cat is grumpy. I [...].

MY cat is grumpy. I thought it was just his personality but now I'm worried that it could be because there's something wrong with him.

BRIAN replies: Like with people, a pet's temperament can be affected by many factors, including personality or medical conditions.

Some medical conditions can make your cat grumpy.

An overactive thyroid gland is the most common cause, which is particularly common as cats get older. Any source of chronic pain can also do it, such as arthritis.

My old cat, Biscuits, however, was just a little madam, which is why I inherited her as she had been brought in to be put to sleep for aggressive behaviour.

With time, however, she turned out to be very affectionate... but only on her terms.

She used to curl up and sleep on my reception desk. And woe betide anyone who disturbed her.
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 4, 2012
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