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THE heartbroken mother of Jade Anderson spoke yesterday about her "beautiful princess" who was mauled to death by four dogs.

Shirley Anderson said 14-year-old Jade was "a golden ray of sunshine on a cloudy day". She also uploaded a poster of the teenager's favourite band, One Direction, on Facebook.

Shirley said: "Our beautiful princess - who's so cherished and perfect and means more than words can say.

"You've put a golden ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. You're beautiful and special in every single way. We love u."

And under the large picture of the boy band, Shirley added: "We got this for u our beautiful princess, the most beautiful 1D fan in the world.

"It's got What Makes You Beautiful on it because u are the most beautiful princess we love u all the world."


Last night, police confirmed the results of a postmortem which ruled Jade had died from "multiple injuries".

Yesterday the home of dog owner Bev Concannon was boarded up as police tried to keep the bloody scene of the killing forensically clean.

It was her two bull mastiffs and two Staffordshire bull terriers that savaged Jade as she ate a meat pie.

Ashley Crumbley, chief executive of Wigan and Leigh Housing, Lancs, said: "We are working closely with police who asked us to secure the property."

Friends of Ms Concannon, 44, yesterday called for calm as anger surfaced on social network websites towards the mother, who police said was "distraught" about Jade's death.

Ms Concannon, who is well-known in the community of Atherton, near Wigan, for selling dogs, remained in hiding last night.

Danielle Cain, whose friend accepted a puppy from her, wrote on Facebook: "It's an absolutely terrible thing what's happened to Jade but if she was a burglar or something we would all be saying good on the dog!

"We just need to think that the dog was protecting its territory that's how dogs are trained to behave. If a stranger has entered its home then it's a natural instinct especially if none of the family was present.

"Glad that the dog has been dealt with but leave Bev alone. I think she will be distraught enough without all this trouble." Another Facebook member, Jayne Pandora Acton, said: "What you have to remember is she has children too.

"Again, we know its not right what has happened to Jade, it could have been one of her own children, don't forget.

"But this woman is petrified because of muppets going for her to harm her. Leave it to the law to deal with, you are not animals. You are all talking about the dogs being dangerous and I have just read there are lynch mobs looking for her. They are just as bad as the dogs."

Jade had gone to the home of her pal, Kimberley Concannon, 16, on Tuesday afternoon and was eating her lunch when the dogs leapt up at her throat.

Cops who attended the scene shot four of the dogs dead. A fifth animal, a shih tzu, which was confined in a secure cage, did not have to be put down.

Superintendent Mark Kenny has indicated there is nothing to suggest any criminal offences. The dogs were not thought to be illegal breeds.

He said: "We are not going to jump to any conclusions, we want to work out exactly what has happened.

"Nobody has been arrested. We are speaking to everybody involved."


BOARDED UP Death house yesterday

POSTER Picture of the band mum bought for Jade

MAULED AGED 14 Shirley and her tragic daughter Jade
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 29, 2013
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