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MY WINNING WAYS; Emma wins 2,593 competitions in 12 years.

IF there was a prize for winning competitions Emma Clarke would walk away with it.

In just 12 years, the 32-year-old insurance clerk has won 2,593 competitions and picked up prizes worth more than pounds 70,000.

She never pays for a holiday, she always wins them. On the drive is a gleaming new Mercedes, also won. And her house is crammed with goodies - the result of spending 30 hours a week on her home computer composing advertising slogans and catchphrases. "People can't believe that I've had so much good luck," she says. "Some think I'm telling porky-pies because no one could be that lucky."

Mother-of-two Emma's winning streak began in 1988 when she popped into her local supermarket in Coventry and won a t-shirt in a raffle. "It was a wonderful feeling," she says. "It was the first time I'd won anything, and I was completely hooked.

"I scoured round for any competitions or quizzes I could find, from similar super- market draws to skilled competitions requiring catchy slogans."

When she and husband Ricki, 33, got married in 1992 they had TWO free honeymoons.

The first was to the romantic Italian resort of Sorrento. Emma says: " When we got back home there was a letter saying I'd won another holiday - this time to New York. We didn't bother to unpack. We just went straight off again. It was magical."

Since then all their holidays have come from competitions, including a trip to see the Red Sox baseball team in Boston. "We haven't paid for a vacation yet," says Emma.

This year alone she has won a pounds 17,500 Mercedes A16 in an Internet competition, several foreign holidays and luxury hotel breaks, a host of free meals out, and an executive-style day out in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot. She's also won books, toys and videos for her children, Ryan, seven, and three-year-old Courtney. "I won't have to buy them a single present for Christmas this year," she says.

Over the years Emma's other major prizes have included:

-A weekend in Holland in a supermarket coffee competition (Emma's slogan: "Makes Life Richer for the Pourer").

-A weekend in New York, including Broadway tickets plus pounds 300 spending money, in a Debenhams competition ("I want to live it up in New York because...when at liberty to enjoy Debenham's gear times are never square").

-A fly-drive holiday for four to Florida, including entrance to Disneyworld plus pounds 500 spending money, in a Corn Dogs draw.

But there's one competition Emma hasn't won...yet. "I spend pounds 5 a week on the National Lottery and haven't even had a tenner," she says.

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Author:Tracey, Patricia
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 22, 2000

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