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MY SWEET GREG CREAM OF CROP; MasterChef John on his 'bromance' with co-star.

Byline: Halina Watts

MASTERCHEF'S John Torode says the show has all the best ingredients and the cherry on top is his bromance with co-star Gregg Wallace.

The two presenters, both 47, have become sex symbols with a huge female following.

And John said: "We spend more time together than most blokes spend with their wives.

"Gregg is great. If he was a dessert he would be a knickerbocker glory with a big cherry on top.

"Yes, he's sweet - lots of layers, lots of whipped cream, some puff and a cherry... a bald one. The world has always thought there was a bit of a bromance between us."

In one scene during the opening episode of the new series of Celebrity MasterChef tomorrow, DJ Jamie Theakston, 41, gets so excited he kisses Gregg's head.

Dad-of-four John tells the contestant: "Listen, it's our bromance not yours. Don't you start getting cuddly with him. I'll get jealous."

Afterwards John said: "It was very funny. Things like that just happen. It's the impulse stuff." He joked: "Can you imagine having to actually kiss Gregg Wallace on the head?" The two have quietly developed one of the most enduring double acts on TV.

John said: "We've worked together for about nine years on MasterChef and have known each other for about 20.

"As far as mateship goes it's a very strong one. We work very well together. It's a close relationship. We respect each other's opinions.

"We spend about 150 days together in a series. You discuss things and talk about life.

We probably know more about each other than anybody else. I think that's why the bromance exists.

"We've known each other a long time and share a dressing room. I see what he is wearing to make sure we don't clash.

"It's an unspoken rule. Things just fall into place. You walk in and you accept things. We have compromises."

John said they combine well because he looks at it as a chef and a restaurant boss while Gregg sees it as a customer.

"Gregg is affable but the great thing about Gregg is he is a punter. I'm a cook and I look at process. He's a punter. He says it how he feels.

"He tastes food as a customer and he is always brutally honest. You've always got to tell people what is right and wrong so they can grow and get better."


John, who has worked in restaurants for more than 30 years, continued: "I don't see Gregg as a sex symbol. And the thought of me being a sex symbol is frightening.

"We appreciate the audience. That's all I can say."

Among the 16 celebrities battling for the title during 30 episodes over the next six weeks will be Gareth Gates, 28, Cheryl Baker, 58, George Layton, 69, Jenny Eclair, 52, and Anne Charleston, 69,

John said of Anne: "Madge Bishop from Neighbours, what an icon." He added: "I'm really hyped up about this series.

"It's brilliant. The celebs have been amazing. They change from being celebs to people very quickly.

"The only way they can make it through is by having a sense of humour because they have to take a few knocks."

How to knock up a knickerbocker

Take a tall sundae glass or one of those used to serve old-fashioned milkshakes.

Chop mixed fruit into small slices or pieces. Try to use the most colourful - peaches, grapes, strawberries, melon or banana. Place these in the base of the glass.

Add three scoops of ice cream on top of the fruit. A minimum two scoops of vanilla is the usual amount.

Pour a fruit sauce over the ice cream. Melba (peach) sauce is traditional.

Top with thick whipped cream and a cherry.

Serve with a long ice cream spoon and a large napkin. Slurp away.


CELEBRITY MasterChef is on weekdays starting tomorrow, 6.30pm, BBC2 GELLING: TV's Greg, left, and John
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Aug 12, 2012
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