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In advertising a secret weapon that keeps you going is not enough. You actually need a room full

of ammunition. I must say, despite all the stress and the

pressure, our business remains the biggest motivation that keeps me going. Creativity is and will remain my only drive and will never stop seeding passion. There is nothing more intellectually fulfilling than the process of finding the right idea. Be it in the way we manage or in the way we articulate and design. Creativity is not an individual effort; it's a collective exchange of great thoughts, smart reflections, innovative ideas and artistic expressions all metamorphosing into one integrated, well- crafted story that has a tangible and realistic

objective: business performance.

That's what keeps me going.

The fact that every day there is a new challenge, that we take every single task so emotionally and turn it into a mission, as if we

are saving the world with every single brief. This feeling is selfmotivating, every day, again and again.

Advertising is a world of constant progress and nothing is the same twice. New insights, new trends, new technologies, new tools, new possibilities arise every single day; that's why we have to stay curious, updated and informed on all levels and all subjects, from geeky games launches to nerdy economic facts.

We re-invent ourselves every day, trying to embrace the changes around us while adapting new models that resonate with the needs of our industry. We connect and work with the brightest minds and the most interesting souls, helping brands from soaps to governments build success. We engage with the poor and the rich, the young and the old, the conservative and the wild. Now tell me, if you wake up with this in mind, do you still need an external secret weapon?

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Publication:Campaign Middle East
Date:Sep 25, 2016
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