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MY PRIVATE HELL; Hollywood madam tells how star beat her up.


ACTOR Tom Sizemore threatened to kill his lover in a series of chilling phone messages, a court heard yesterday.

Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss broke down as she told how she was battered to a pulp by the Saving Private Ryan star.

She sobbed as she claimed Sizemore attacked her before leaving a string of obscene messages on her answering machine.

They were played to a hushed Los Angeles courtroom yesterday.

In one rant, Sizemore, 41, is heard to say: "I'm gonna cut your f***ing hands off.

"I have been sitting here debating whether to blow your brains out or blow your house up - I'm having a ball."

Fleiss said: "He is capable of it - I felt scared.

"All of a sudden he had a gun at his house, a huge gun that could blow someone to bits, maybe two to three feet long - like the Terminator."

In one chilling part of the tape, Sizemore sang: "Bye bye baby I love you bye bye bye, baby bye bye", while a clicking noise was heard in the background

Fleiss told the court she believed the clicking was the sound of a gun.

The couple met after Fleiss, who ran a string of call girls servicing Hollywood stars, was released from jail after serving three years for tax evasion.

But Sizemore blamed her for his lack of film parts.

He is heard to rant on tape: "You hurt my career and my earning power. You left me no option to violate you, I hate your guts.

"I've been an actor for 25 years you fat a*s, you leathered skin piece of garbage who I happen to be in love with.

"I spent over dollars 400,000 on you, I suppose that's nothing cause you're such a whore.

"You led everyone to believe you dumped your Viagra-taking pig, you spoke about my personal life, you mocked me.

"I lost my show and I'm probably going to lose an dollars 8million movie over this, I love you but I'm f****d up.

"I never committed a crime in my life, I work for a living, I have a master's degree and I'm not a high school drop-out, a bitch who lies on her back for money."

In another message, Sizemore, who also wept in court yesterday, warned: "Take your beef to strike and turn me in for assault and battery - we will destroy each other's lives.

"Tom never gets in jail, idiot. You're the one that went to prison, you're in big f*****g trouble."

Sizemore is charged with 16 counts of violence and abuse against Fleiss, 37, including criminal threats and intimidation of a witness. If convicted he could face up to 16 years in jail.

The couple's bizarre relationship contract was also revealed in court.

Fleiss said: "We had an agreement if he tried to beat me he would pay me money."

She claimed in the agreement, Sizemore said: "If I try to hit you, I will pay you a total of dollars 500,000."

Fleiss said Sizemore once whipped her with a hairdryer and would hit her so hard around the head, she was left bleeding.

But Sizemore's lawyer Michael Fitzgerald told the court: "Tom Sizemore is innocent and Heidi Fleiss is a liar. There are no crimes here, just tragedies.

"They fell in love and it didn't work out. She is a convicted felon and, as you all know, was a Hollywood madam."

The trial continues.

SIZEMORE'S ROLES SIZEMORE is a highly regarded character actor who has starred in a number of hit films.

As well as Saving Private Ryan, he has appeared in Natural Born Killers, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbour and, most recently, Dreamcatcher.

Fleiss hit the headlines in the mid 90s for running a string of call girls to Hollywood stars.

She was finally jailed for tax evasion, serving three years.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 7, 2003
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