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MY LITTLE PORNY; Mum buys cartoon movie for kids..but it's hardcore FILTH.


A MUM bought a My Little Pony DVD for her children - but it was a hardcore PORN movie.

The girls - aged five, 10 and 12 - saw 20 minutes of explicit adult action before their horrified mother turned it off.

Yesterday the youngsters won EUR20,000 from Dublin store Eurospar and the British distributors of the DVD.

Frederick Gilligan SC, representing the girls, told the Circuit Civil Court: "They were shocked and very distressed after they saw the images on the screen."

The court heard that the Dublin mum bought a DVD of My Little Pony: The Movie from Anthony O'Connor's Eurospar store in Ballyowen, Lucan.

The film is based on a range of popular children's toys and the cover said it was suitable for all ages and should be placed in the "kids and family" section.

It also read: "Escape on a magical journey to Dream Valley and Ponyland, a place of wonder and joy.

"Evil witch Hydia is plotting from her Volcano of Doom to destroy Ponyland forever.

"When her first plan fails she covers Ponyland with a tide of purple ooze called Smooze. Is this the end of Ponyland?"

The toys were first introduced in 1982 and inspired several animated specials, a feature-length movie and two TV series.

Mr Gilligan said the mum took the DVD home and put it on for her children.

But instead of My Little Pony, the DVD contained a film with scenes of a "graphic sexual nature".

Mr Gilligan added that the youngest girl, now six, suffered from mild behavioural disturbance after the incident and she refused to watch any kind of TV for weeks.

The graphic images also resulted in her suffering from bed-wetting during the night and day. The older girls, now 11 and 13, endured less trauma because of their age. Mr Gilligan said the incident in April last year had caused the children's parents "considerable concern".

Yesterday the DVD distributors - Prism Leisure Corporation PLC in Middlesex - and Eurospar offered the children a EUR20,000 settlement.

The 11-year-old and 13-year-old were awarded EUR6,000 each while the six-year-old was given EUR8,000 in damages for psychological injury.

The settlement was approved by President of the Circuit Court Judge Matthew Deery. A spokesman for Eurospar said last night: "We don't deal with Prism Leisure Corporation PLC any more.

"We got fairly strict with them after this and we don't take products from them."

Prism Leisure Corporation PLC failed to make any comment on the matter last night.

The My Little Pony line has remained popular with young girls for more than two decades after being redesigned and reintroduced twice by makers Hasbro.


SHOCK: My Little Pony DVD
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jul 26, 2006
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