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MY EVIL FATHER RAPED ME TOO; THE HORRIFIC STORY THAT HAS SHOCKED IRELAND: DAY2; Tragic son tells court of sex torture and beatings.

A second child of evil dad Joseph McColgan yesterday revealed how his ""maniac" father smashed his young son's fingers with rocks.

Gerard McColgan, 28, the eldest of the four McColgan children, raised his hands in Dublin's High Court to show his 10 fingers that had been broken but never re-set because his cruel father refused him hospital treatment.

Gerard fought back tears as he told how his 15-stone dad from hell:

Sexually assaulted him when he was just eight.

Raped him weekly as he sat on the brute's knee.

Broke his arm in a vicious attack.

Beat him with spanners, screwdrivers and hammers within an inch of his life.

He told how he ran away 50 times a year but was always brought back to the house of horror his father had built.

Gerard is the second of the four McColgan children - Sophia, Keith and Michelle are the other children - who are suing the North West Health Board and Sligo doctor Desmond Moran for damages. On Tuesday his sister Sophia told of her life of horror at the hands of her violent pervert father McColgan.

She told how she was raped and brutally beaten for 15 years.

Yesterday Gerard bravely stepped into the witness box to give his sickening account of life with McColgan.

Gerard, who is married and lives in England with his wife and 10-year- old stepson, told how his father terrorised him throughout his childhood. He said: "My parents were living in England where my mother was working when I was a child.

"I lived with my grandparents in Sligo.

"I would go on summer holidays to England to them.

"I remember being beaten once by my father with a horse crop at this stage. I don't know what age I was."

When Gerard was six his parents returned to Ireland where his monster dad McColgan bought a derelict cottage just miles from his grandparents' home.

He told his family's Senior Counsel James Nugent how he and his two sisters Sophia and Michelle were made to work with their "maniac" father for hours on the rundown cottage.

He said: "I was only about six years of age.

"I would hold implements, mix the concrete, gather stones and dig.

"Some nights I remember being out until 2 or 3am working or holding lamps for him."

He told how his father would beat him regularly, unable to control his temper. He said: "He was a maniac with a really bad temper.

"He would beat me with any implement he had in his hand or just with his feet.

"He wouldn't stop until either he got tired or I p***ed on the floor. I remember being beaten with spanners, screwdrivers and hammers."

He recalled one incident when his father cracked open his skull with a spanner.

"He had bought copper nails to hold on the slates on the roof but they were the wrong ones.

"They were scattered on the floor in the cottage.

"He told me to pick them up and we would bring them back to change them. I bent down and he booted me in the back.

"Then he brought a large spanner down on the back of my head. It was bleeding.

"He didn't take me to the doctor. He put on my coat and pulled up my hood and then we thumbed a lift to Sligo to change the nails.

"We met my mother on the road later. I collapsed then.

"She must have seen the wound because I remember her washing my hair."

He said his father would subject him to premeditated and spontaneous attacks. The children would be beaten with rods for hours when they returned from school.

He recounted the horror of mock drownings his father carried out at Rosses Point beach.

Gerard said: "He held us down in the water until we'd gasp. I was so frightened. To this day I am not able to swim or go on boats."

Brave Gerard winced as he told of the first of many sexual assaults his depraved father inflicted on him.

"I don't remember times and have no timescale.

"But I remember the first time it happened the extension wasn't built on the house and there were no windows in.

"The walls hadn't been plastered so I must have been about seven or eight.

"He would put his hands down my pants and interfere and fondle with me.

"When he was doing that he said he wouldn't beat me any more."

Gerard said in the early stages he had to perform sex acts for his father.

But as the years went on his father's fondling turned to full rape.

He agreed with Mr Nugent that he had been stripped and was sitting on his father's lap when the rapes occurred.

He said: "It was extremely painful and it injured me.

"It wasn't too regular at first then it was on a weekly basis.

"It occurred at the cottage and on the mountain where there was a derelict two-storey house."

The run-down house was the same place evil McColgan raped his daughter Sophia for hours every day when she started secondary school.

He answered "yes" when Mr Nugent questioned him as to whether his father was careful that there were no witnesses around.

He also agreed that his father would show him pornographic pictures.

"They were what I would describe as graphical medical pictures. He also had a vibrator. I can't remember much about it."

He told of the same horror incident Sophia had described when his father had tried to get the brother and sister to have sex together.

"It was in the loft of the cottage. He made us take off our clothes. He showed us the vibrator and medical books with pictures of naked people in them.

"I was only about 12. It was awful."

He described his father as a "raving lunatic" and told of further barbaric acts to which his father subjected him.

He said McColgan would deliberately get his tractor sunk in soft soil so Gerard would have to dig it out.

He said: "He would also put ridiculous loads on the tractor and try to get it up the mountain.

"He was demented. He dropped rocks on my hands and broke all my fingers.

"I have never had them set."

He told of his evil father's callous lack of concern at brutal injuries his children sustained.

And he told how once when he was seriously injured he was left in a ditch.

Gerard said: "I had gone with my father to the Co-op to pick up welly boots.

"We were then going on to get some gravel.

"I was sitting on the mudguard of the tractor and the wellies fell. My father punched me in the face called me a b*****d and told me to secure them.

"When I was trying to climb back in to the tractor after securing them I slipped and fell under the tractor.

"The wheels went over me, the axle hit my head and I went unconscious.

"My father pulled me off the road and put me in the ditch.

"I begged him to help me but he just put me back on the tractor and put my little brother Keith sitting on top of me to hide the wounds on my legs.

"He went to get his gravel and then back to the cottage.

"A week later I was put into hospital. I was examined and sent home."

Gerard constantly ran away throughout the years of abuse.

He said he went to Ballina and Dublin, to his granny's or to neighbours.

At one stage he said he was running away up to 50 times a year but was always brought home by Gardai or his father would find him.

And he said: "When I did get home I was beaten within an inch of my life."

The case continues.
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Author:Tallant, Nicola
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 11, 1997
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