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MX Logic Issues Threat Alert on Mass-Mailing 'Storm Worm'.

First Major Worm Outbreak of 2007 Luring Email Users via Bogus 'News' Emails

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Headline of release should read: MX Logic Issues Threat Alert on Mass-Mailing 'Storm Worm' (sted MX Logic Issues Threat Alert on Storm Worm Mass-Mailing Worm).

The corrected release reads:


First Major Worm Outbreak of 2007 Luring Email Users via Bogus 'News' Emails

MX Logic, a leading managed services provider of easy-to-use email and Web defense solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), issued a threat alert today on the Storm worm, a new mass-mailing worm that began spreading via email late yesterday in Europe.

MX Logic first detected the Storm worm at 7:55 p.m. Mountain Time on Thursday and began blocking it immediately on behalf of 14,000 customers worldwide. As of 2:00 p.m. MT today, the MX Logic[R] Threat Center had seen over 350,000 email messages infected with the virus and reported that the worm accounted for 1 in 325 emails.

"Since December we have seen multiple instances of attackers using social engineering tactics, like tying into the Christmas holiday or yesterday's storms in Europe, to entice email users," said Sam Masiello, director of threat management, MX Logic. "The primary danger of this worm is that once opened, it attaches a Trojan horse on the user's computer that makes the computer vulnerable to hackers."

The Storm worm is generally transmitted via emails that appear to announce breaking news stories and which contain subject lines that include:

* 230 dead as storm batters Europe

* A killer at 11, he's free at 21 and kill again!

* Naked teens attack home director

* U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has kicked German Chancellor Angela Merkel

* British Muslims Genocide

The worm-laden emails contain attachments with names that include:

* Read More.exe

* Full Clip.exe

* Full Story.exe

* Full Video.exe

* Video.exe

In the event a user receives an email with one of the headlines listed above in the Subject line, MX Logic recommends deleting it immediately. If the email has been opened, users are warned not to open the attachment, which would unleash the Trojan horse on the user's computer.

MX Logic Multi-Layered, Managed Protection Against Email Viruses and Worms

MX Logic provides a multi-layered, fully managed virus protection that delivers optimum protection from worms and viruses at the Internet level - before they can enter and damage a customer's corporate messaging infrastructure.

MX Logic email defense solutions leverage MX Logic's proprietary WormTraq[R] worm detection system, which uses sophisticated content behavior analysis to rapidly identify and intercept zero-hour threats - threats that appear before an anti-virus signature is developed to detect them. MX Logic also incorporates virus protection from three leading anti-virus engines - Authentium[R], McAfee[R] and Sophos[R] - which are updated every five minutes to ensure the most current virus and worm protection.

MX Logic's multi-layered virus and worm protection frees internal corporate IT resources from managing timely signature updates by shifting the burden of threat management away from the enterprise to MX Logic. MX Logic email defense solutions also allow IT administrators the ability to respond to infected email by choosing to have viruses stripped from incoming email, quarantining infected messages for review, or blocking infected email outright.

About MX Logic

MX Logic is a leading managed security services provider of email and Web security services developed specifically to meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses. MX Logic's patented technology and commitment to creating the most user-friendly security solutions in the industry make MX Logic the appropriate choice for businesses that want enterprise-grade service and performance without enterprise-level complexity and cost. MX Logic's distinctions in 2006 include Security Products Guide's Global Excellence Customer Trust Award in Email Managed Service and SC Magazine's Award for Best Email Managed Service. MX Logic services are distributed through an extensive partner network. For more information, visit us at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 20, 2007
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