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The Maxwell Brothers received pounds 15 million in legal aid. I wonder just how they managed this?

For the past two years, I've been trying to get a court order to make my ex-partner sell the house we owned.

I had already paid pounds 2,000 in fees before getting legal aid and am paying pounds 63 a month towards it. When my case is over, I have to pay back all the money I've received from the legal aid Board.

My take home pay is pounds 150 a week and my rates are pounds 400. Is this fair and just?

S Holman, Rayleigh, Essex

I THINK Tony Blair has come in for a lot of unfair criticism for shaking hands with Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein.

I wouldn't care if Mr Blair shook hands with the devil himself, as long as it achieved lasting peace in Northern Ireland.

We all want to see the lives of civillians and servicemen saved from the guns. Let's give Blair a chance to achieve a lasting peace.

M Trott, Cownham, Gwent

THANK God for Tony Blair and his courage in trying to find peace in Ireland.

I've lived in Ireland for almost 20 years and I know the vast majority want peace. The mob who called Mr Blair a traitor are a group of Loyalists happy for the violence to continue. Good luck, Tony, you have a tough job to do.

C Tillett Lowestoft, Suffolk

I'M sorry for the plight of ex-soldier Neil Davidson who is suing for post-traumatic stress, saying that Army doctors neglected him.

But, who helped the First and Second War veterans rebuild their lives? Let him take a leaf out of their book and get on with his life.

Casualty staff and rescue services endure sickening experiences everyday.

Hazel Farr, Swansea

IN ANSWER to E Grooby (Dear Jo, October 17), I am a pensioner but have every confidence in our new Prime Minister.

He can't wave a magic wand and do everything at once. Mr Blair is a great Prime Minister and the reason our pensions are low is because the Tories wanted it that way.

F Molyneux Rotherham, S Yorks

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I THINK my partner Roy is ever so like the actor and star of Inspector Morse, John Thaw. While watching him in last week's film, Into the Blue, it was almost like seeing Roy on screen.

J Gray, Bristol


I WAS very sad to read that Glenn Hoddle had split with his wife .

I knew my dear wife almost 66 years. Sadly, she died in June.

We had our troubles, but managed to sort them out. I'd give anything to still have her.

Eric Vince, Ipswich

THE claim that no one else is involved in Glenn Hoddle's marriage break- up, ignores their three children.

As for the headline "Brave Hoddle hides pain", what's so brave about walking out on your family to seek help from a so-called faith healer?

T Barnes, Oldham

We're write pals

I HAVE just posted a birthday card, Christmas card and letter to my pen-friend who lives in the Bahamas.

I am 79 years old and she is 78. We have been writing to each other since we were schoolgirls, aged 11.

My headmistress had a friend who was a headmistress in Nassau and they arranged for us to write.

My letter was passed to Vadu Carey and now that friendship has lasted over 67 years and I have an album full of memoirs.

She even sent my children chocolate during the war.

I visited her 12 years ago for the first time, and now I can telephone her on her birthday too.

Eunice Morley

Pinxton, Notts

Jo says: How long have you had your pen-friend? Can you beat Eunice and Vadu's 67 years? Write, fax or E-mail me and let me know.

I WAS chatting last week to my grandmother about the land speed record being broken.

She wasn't that impressed and exclaimed: "What good is a car going at that speed to anybody!"

I explained that technology has its spin offs for everybody. For instance, teflon might never have been invented if it wasn't for space travel.

Perhaps they'll make a supersonic non-stick frying pan, I suggested. "Ah," said gran. "New technology is marvellous, isn't it?"

Robin Hume, Exeter

Lollipop twins have their careers licked

WHEN our twin sons first started school, we got talking about what they would want to do when they left as adults.

"School crossing patrol," they told me. When I asked why they said, "we won't have to start work until we are 65."

N Green

Woking, Surrey

ON one of his visits, my four and a half year old great-grandson was told by his mum that he must not ask me for any goodies or sweets.

When he arrived, he greeted me with: "Hello, grandma, is there anything you want me to eat?" Well, I suppose he didn't ask directly.

Joan Western Solihull, West Mids

MY husband was having a conversation with our six-year-old grandson.

He was talking to him about an old wall unit we used to have, telling him that: "Grandma can't wait to see the back of it,"

The lad's reply was: "Why, what's behind it?"

A Ing, Blackpool



I'VE just listened to Sir Paul McCartney's new symphonic "poem" Standing Stone.

I have to say it was the most boring piece of music I've heard in years. Stick to the pop songs, Sir Paul.

J Rogers High Wycombe, Bucks

IN reply to reader Doug Streeter of Brighton (Dear Jo, Oct 15), a lot of retired folk in my neck of the woods have all had their meters installed for free, so perhaps he can get his money back.

Mary Howlett Brentford, Essex

How about it, Southern Water - Jo

THE following water companies install water meters free on request: Anglian, Severn Trent, Thames and Yorkshire.

Other companies offer subsidised installation, but charges vary from company to company.

G.Simmons, Water Services Assoc, London
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 22, 1997
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