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STEREOPHONICS Graffiti On The Train (EMI) | Eight albums in, and despite attaining elder statesman status, Kelly Jones & Co are still very much the same band - and that's good news or bad news, depending which camp you're in. All the old trademark vocals and swagger pop up during the likes of We Share The Same Sun and Indian Summer but they don't really rival back catalogue glories. And although the gentle Violins And Tambourines embraces heartfelt sentiment, it's mostly same old, same old. If you're looking for the punchy hooks of old, then go see the new Stallone/De Niro boxing movie instead. PC CAITLIN ROSE The Stand-In (Names) | SHE'S just 25 but Caitlin Rose already has an album and two EPs under her Nashville belt buckle. Daughter of a Grammywinning songwriter and a country music impresario, it's no wonder she started early or that the sound of America runs through her music. The Stand-In has a big sound, owing as much to 60s soul as country but it's her roots that shine brightest, especially on the slide guitar-infused Pink Champagne and lead single No One To Call. In one fell swoop she fills this dusty old genre with a youthful and infectious exuberance. JD MEN ON THE BORDER Shine! (Squeaky Gate) | NOW here's something you don't get every day - two Swedes re-interpreting the works of the late Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett. The even bigger surprise is that, although purists will hate every minute, it's a great, oddly contemporary album. Goran Nystrom and Phil Etheridge rebuild and re-spell Opal, with power chords and pizzicato strings riding the crests of crashing waves. Both Gigolo Aunt and No Good Trying acquire Bowie-like intonation, Long Gone adds Floydian interstellar overdrive and show-stealing steamroller No Man's Land recalls inexorable early Hawkwind. Shine a light! PC
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Mar 3, 2013
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