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MURDERED BY CAPTAIN CASH; Drugs boss kills family of five for 'pure greed'.


A DRUG dealer dubbed Captain Cash faced life in jail last night after executing five members of a millionaire's family so he could hijack their business.

Career criminal Kenneth Regan, 55, kidnapped Amarjit Chohan. He then tortured him to sign away control of his freight firm leaving him free to use it as a front for drug running, before murdering him in cold blood.

Later, Regan - a close friend of gang boss Kenneth Noye - abducted and killed Chohan's wife, Nancy, 25, her sons Devinder, 18 months, and Ravinder, three months, and her mother Charanjit Kaur, 51.

Their bodies were buried in the grounds of a 50-acre farm owned by Regan's friend Belinda Brewin, godmother to Paula Yates's daughter.

When innocent Belinda became suspicious and contacted police, the corpses were disinterred and dumped in the English Channel.

Yesterday at the Old Bailey Regan and accomplice William Horncy, 52, were convicted of killing the whole family after a pounds 10million case lasting 134 days, one of the longest murder trials in British legal history. The jury deliberated for 13 days.

Peter Rees, 39, was convicted of murdering Mr Chohan but cleared of the other deaths. All three will be sentenced later.

Belinda clenched her fists then held her head in her hands as the verdicts were handed down. She said: "I'm thrilled. It's been a long wait."

Nancy's brother Onka Verna, who alerted police to fears that the Chohans had been killed, said outside court: "The slaughter of my innocent family is like a life sentence of no happiness, no laughter and no joy."

Investigation leader Detective Chief Inspector Dave Little said: "This crime is utterly beyond comprehension. A family, including two children, was wiped out purely for greed."

Regan, of Wilton, Wilts, lived a life of luxury on the proceeds of drugs.

In 1998 he was jailed for eight years for heroin dealing. But he only served four years after turning informer.

Despised by crooks and police, and desperate for cash to restart his once lavish lifestyle, he targeted popular Mr Chohan's CIBA Freight import and export business which he had learned about through an innocent friend. In February 2003 Regan lured Mr Chohan, 46, to a meeting near Stonehenge after offering him pounds 3million for the company, based near Heathrow.

Mr Chohan is believed to have been held hostage at the home of Regan's father in Salisbury. He was tortured, forced to record voice messages for his family and to sign over his firm.

Then he was gagged with packing tape, sedated with a drug known as GMB and murdered.

After the killing Regan showed CIBA staff a letter from Mr Chohan.

It has disappeared but in it the millionaire claimed under duress he had been dealing in drugs and was forced to flee the country. To back up the story Regan then killed Mr Chohan's wife and children and Mrs Chohan's widowed mother who was staying with the family at their home in Hounslow, West London.

It is unknown exactly where and how the victims met their deaths.

Prosecutor Richard Horwell said: "Some crimes are beyond belief and on any view these fall into that horrific category."

Regan had earlier met Belinda, Paula Yates's best friend. Without her knowledge he used her 50-acre estate at Stoodleigh, Devon, to bury the family claiming he was sorting out a drainage problem.

As the net closed in, he removed the bodies. Mr Chohan's corpse was found in the sea near Bournemouth in April, 2003. His wife's body was found in the same area three months later.

Mrs Kaur's body was found floating near the Isle of Wight. The boys have never been recovered.

Mr Chohan's remains held a vital clue - a folded letter addressed to Regan and his father at the Salisbury address. It was dated February 12, 2003, - the day before the businessman mysteriously disappeared.

Callous Regan fled to Spain, then Belgium. He was arrested in Ghent five months later and brought back to Britain to stand trial.

He claimed he had been obeying the orders of an Asian gang, who carried out the murders, by helping to dispose of the bodies under the threat of harm to Belinda and her daughters.

But he was not confident enough of his lies to give evidence in court.

A senior detective said: "I would not describe him as a human being."


VICTIMS; Millionaire Amarjit, his wife Nancy and their young son Devinder; Mrs Kaur and baby Ravinder; Drug dealer Regan; VICTIMS; KILLER
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 2, 2005
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