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POP star Gabrielle was released by police yesterday after being questioned about a gruesome murder.

The glamorous singer, who topped the singles chart two years ago with Dreams, was arrested at her home on Thursday. She was held overnight at Lewisham, south London, by officers probing the death of a Sheffield chip shop owner.

Walter McCarthy, 59, was found with his head hacked off at a spot known as Cut Throat Bridge high in the Pennines between Sheffield and Manchester four days before Christmas.

He was a business partner of Gabrielle's ex-lover Tony Antoniou - who with another man has been accused of murder.

Officers based in Derbyshire quizzed Gabrielle about a missing car which they believe was used to take Mr McCarthy's body from the killing scene to where it was dumped.

They said Gabrielle, 23 - full name Gabrielle Bobb - was not a murder suspect.

She and Antoniou, who have a baby, split up last year.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Author:Edwards, Jeff
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 3, 1996
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