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The 21st inter airport Europe, the international exhibition for airport equipment, technology, design and services, ended with another record number of visitors--organisers Mack Brooks saying 13,854 trade visitors from 110 countries came to the four-day show, a 9% increase compared to the previous show in 2015.

There were 654 exhibitors from 43 countries and a net exhibition space of around 342,292sq ft (31,800[m.sup.2])--a 7% increase in floor space on 2015 and therefore the largest ever.

Mack Brooks' statistics show around 70% of the exhibitors were from outside Germany and that more than 70% of visitors travelled to Munich from abroad.

The largest number of exhibitors, after those from Germany, came from France, the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, China, Spain and Sweden, while the highest number of visitors, after Germany, came from Italy, France, Great Britain, Russia, Austria, the USA, Sweden, the Netherlands and Turkey.

During the opening ceremony on the first show day, five exhibiting companies received the inter airport Europe Innovation Award in the four exhibition categories interRAMP, interTERMINAL, interDESIGN and interDATA.

This year a fifth prize was awarded in the new interCONNECTED category, covering the recent trend in the industry: the interconnected airport. The winners were selected from more than 50 innovations via an online voting system on the inter airport Europe show website.

The international airport community was invited to choose their favourite innovation in each of the categories and 3,313 airport professionals cast their votes.

This year's award for the interTERMINAL category went to Vanderlande from the Netherlands for its baggage/logistics delivery system, FLEET. Germany's topsystem Systemhaus won the interDATA category for its APHIS staff rostering system while the interRAMP trophy went to Italy's PaxLift for its next-generation Ambulift.

France's Zodiac Aerospace won the interDESIGN category for its new ULD door and locking system while another French company, Dedienne Aerospace, clinched the award for the new category, interCONNECTED, for its ToolLive tool management solution.


ACUNIS, the joint venture of Unitechnik and AMOVA, promoted its logistics capabilities by highlighting the 409,028sq ft (38,000 [m.sup.2]) air cargo terminal built for Ethiopian Airlines at Addis Ababa Airport.

Said to be the largest on the African continent, in this first phase of development it can handle 600,000t of goods and has two automated warehouses, each with a storage capacity for 1,000 10ft (3.04m) air cargo containers.

Half of the hall complex is equipped with refrigeration technology that maintains a closed cold chain in a temperature range of 2 to 10[degrees]C to handle pharmaceuticals. The facility was declared operational this June. The company's new UniWare Cargo inventory control system for air freight was also being promoted at Munich.


Among products exhibited by the BEUMER Group was its CrisBag totes, the first to be certified as meeting TSA requirements for in-tote baggage screening. They facilitate in-tote screening when used with Morpho Detection's CTX 9800 DSi explosives detection system, which meets detection and false alarm rates for explosives specified by the TSA.

The certification applies to US airports and for US pre-border clearance. The company says this will make the migration to a common-use model based on modern, RFID-enabled tote-based baggage handling system solutions more attractive. The certification would also benefit airports planning to implement US standards. For more information about the US's first tote-based baggage handling system, see page 14 of this issue.


Pavement clearing specialist Aebi Schmidt exhibited the first example of its new multifunctional compact jet sweeper--the CJSDI - which can also be used for de-icing. It can also carry a mounted spreader/sprayer which can be customised to the client's needs. The manufacturer says the key element of its design is that its modular structure enables a single vehicle to perform all the tasks that might otherwise require several. This means that, depending on the customer's requirements, it's possible to choose between a mounted spreader, sprayer or combined device.


Reno-based Blast Deflectors Inc showcased its recent ground run-up enclosure projects for Airbus at Hamburg (see the October 2017 edition of Airports International) and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (Airports International--July 2017). The Canadian example was completed to co-operation general contractor Pave-Al and project consultant WSP and both projects were largely centred around specific aircraft types. Hamburg's example is primarily for the Airbus A320 family while Toronto's is designed for the many turboprop airliners that operate from there, such as the DHC-8-400. Potential future projects are for Cambridge and London City airports.


The highlight of Goldhofer's Munich presentation was the launch of its Sherpa range of tow-tractors--see the December edition of Airports International for more details. Dominating the company's exhibition stand, however, was the latest version of the long-established Schopf F396. The brand's largest conventional aircraft tow tractor, it appeared in its F396 C Tier 4f version, which has significantly lower emission levels designed to meet the latest environmental standards. Alongside it was the PHOENIX, the company's first jointly produced towbarless aircraft tractor, and the fourth generation Goldhofer's AST-2 tractor which now has the designation 'P' for performance and an 'X' for the stronger 'X-tended'version.


At Munich, OVERAASEN introduced its high-speed TV1000 snow blower with mobile 'Flying Cab'system. The cab can be positioned in front of or behind the blower chute, giving the driver an optimal view--whether loading, clearing or casting on the runway.


Germany's LASE, making its inter airport debut, demonstrated its object detection, perimeter protection and building security solutions. The company completed its first airport laser object detection project at Cologne-Bonn Airport last year. It's essentially a foreign object debris (FOD) protection device primarily being used to search for items of luggage that might fall from baggage trucks while crossing one of the airport's taxiways. Called the Airfield Luggage Detection (LaseALD) system, it was tailor-made for Cologne-Bonn's specific layout and guards a busy crossing point of the airport's Taxiway 'Bravo', which leads to either end of runway 14R/32L. (see Airports International November 2016).


Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems (SARSYS) designs, manufactures and markets friction-measurement equipment for airports. The company has specialised in the field of friction testing since the 1970s, and its testers are built into Volvo V70, Volvo V90, VW Transporter, Opel, Buick, Vauxhall, Holden and Chevrolet chassis as well as trailers. At inter airport Europe it displayed a surface friction tester transporter (SFTT) vehicle based on a VW Transporter chassis.


South Wales-based TBD opened its week in Munich by announcing the delivery of 700 of its container dollies with its patented safety hoop device to British Airways.

This simple but effective solution is designed to remove the temptation for ramp staff to try and save time by stepping over the coupling which links dollies together when, for safety's sake, they should really walk around the end of the chain of vehicles.

The device is effectively a plastic tube that attaches to the end of adjoining dollies, adjacent to the couplings which link the vehicles together. When attached, the tube forms an arch which loops up high enough to make it difficult for anyone to step over, forcing them to walk around the end of the train. The BA deliveries began in 2015 and were completed this May.


Among news from Smiths Detection was its opening day announcement that it had selected by the District Government of Upper Bavaria to supply ECAC Standard 3 EDS hold baggage screening systems to Munich Airport. The contract comprises 25 HI-SCAN 10080 XCT advanced scanners which amalgamate high-resolution X-ray technology, computed tomography (CT) and advanced detection algorithms to screen luggage. A service agreement is also included. To be deployed in both terminals, the first three scanners will be installed and fully operational by the end of this year. The remaining installations will be progressively rolled out between 2018 and 2021. Also included in the deal are 49 Level 2 and 3 workstations and a matrix server.

Another of the company's highlights was the launch of its CORAL preventive maintenance solution, which collects equipment performance data using secure, remote communication connections. Then, utilising predictive analytics, diagnostic tools and sensors, it automatically issues preventive maintenance requests when systems reach key performance thresholds. Smiths says this will enable repairs to be scheduled in advance without any detrimental impact on airport operations, adding that preliminary results from CORAL field tests have shown an impressive 75% reduction in operational downtime for hold baggage explosives detection systems.

Michael Cavanaugh, Vice President of Global Service and Digital Solutions, Smiths Detection, commented: "With CORAL, both machine condition and overall performance can be proactively monitored. This pre-emptive approach to service and repair brings a host of potential benefits, including longer equipment life; lower overall cost of ownership; and a stronger ROI for security detection systems."


Like many other types of airport operation, ground support equipment is becoming increasingly automated. In keeping with that trend, TLD and EasyMile have joined together to develop the TractEasy, a driverless 'robotised' baggage tractor. Its software is designed to enable it to operate in a complex and live ramp environment, with all the required safety parameters. It uses navigational software to negotiate optimal routes and its creators say it incorporates the necessary security systems to prevent outside interference.

The two companies say TractEasy is meant to transfer baggage and freight from the terminal to the aircraft parking stands area, on the service roads. Despite not having a driver, the manufacturers say it will operate in normal traffic, without infrastructure modification, and in all weather conditions. However, the new vehicle will be fitted with a complete cabin for an operator at the aircraft stand to take control for the final approach of the dollies to the aircraft

TLD and EasyMile predict that a customer's investment could be paid back in under two years, depending on the operating conditions. TractEasy will be based on TLD's established electric JET-16 tractor and equipped with EasyMile's remote control driverless technology--which also controls EasyMile's EZ10 driverless shuttle demonstrated at Munich--and is offered to the airport market as a potential solution for transporting between the terminal building and various passenger points such as car parks.


Dutch baggage specialist Vanderlande launched a revolutionary new concept called FLEET, which does away with conventional conveyors and, as the names suggests, uses a fleet of remotely operated vehicles, each of which carries a single bag to the required delivery point. More to follow about this system in a future issue.


Poland's Thomas WISS is a group of companies providing a variety of firefighting vehicles. At Munich it exhibited one of its SCANIA G450 CB 4X4 airport crash tenders, which has since been delivered to Cologne-Bonn Airport. (KEY-Tom Allett)


The next inter airport Europe--the 22nd - will take place at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany from October 8 to 11, 2019. In the meantime, Mack Brooks Exhibitions offers a series of further events: inter airport China, at the China International Exhibition Centre in Beijing from September 5 to 7,2018; and inter airport South East Asia at the Singapore EXPO from February 27 to March 1,2019.


Swiss company ZAUGG, best known for its snow clearing equipment, launched an internal floor/external surface cleaning vehicle, the Steambeast--a roadworthy vehicle with a front-mounted cleaning head containing a rotating brush which uses hot low-pressure steam to loosen various types of dirt from the floor which the vehicle sweeps up as it moves along. ZAUGG says only a small amount of water is needed to cover an extremely large area and that the cleaning effect is as impressive as it is gentle.

Caption: (Far left) Dr Michael Kerkloh, President and CEO of Munich Airport, together with Stephen Brooks, Chairman of organisers Mack Brooks Exhibitions, and Dieter Heinz, President of the German Airport Technology & Equipment group, meet representatives of Hydro Systems during the opening day official tour of the event. (Mack Brooks)

Caption: KEY-Tom Allett

Caption: Airbus' new Hamburg GRE. (BDI)

Caption: KEY-Tom Allett

Caption: The new TV1000 snow blower from OVERAASEN. (KEY-Tom Allett)

Caption: Germany's LASE showcased its laser detection systems. (LASE)

Caption: SARSYS displayed a new SFTT vehicle destined for service with Airbus at Hamburg. (KEY-Tom Allett)

Caption: The safety hoop device used on British Airways' container dollies supplied by TBD. (British Airways)

Caption: Smiths Detection began its Munich week by announcing a huge order for Munich Airport. (Smiths Detection)

Caption: EasyMile's EZ10 driverless shuttle performed hundreds of demonstration rides at inter airport Europe. The same technology will be used with the TLD/EasyMile TraaEasy tow tractor. (KEY-Tom Allett)

Caption: The Steambeast is designed to clear many different types of indoor and outdoor floor surfaces using low-pressure steam and a rotating brush. (ZAUGG)
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