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Model Melinda Messenger's heartbroken mum last night branded her a fraud.

Angry Avis Brock said the topless star's 34DD boobs were not the only fake thing about her.

And she accused Melinda of prostituting herself by stripping for the cameras.

Avis said her daughter, who has already confessed to lying about her age, also:

DROPPED out of college.

DYED her hair since the age of 17.

STANDS a tiny 5ft 2in and not 5ft 5in as claimed.

Avis said: "The image that has been conjured up is completely false.

"Things have been said about her which are just not true. The whole thing is destroying me."

Care assistant Avis has been off work sick since her daughter was hailed as the "new Sam Fox".

She revealed that before Melinda, 25, hit the big time, she actually objected to Page 3 pin-ups.

Fighting back the tears, Avis said: "I brought her up to despise the sort of thing she is doing now.

"She agreed with me that Page 3 pictures were degrading to women.

"She's now going against everything she has stood for and is prostituting herself."

Avis, who split from Melinda's dad Terry in 1982 and now lives alone in Swindon, last saw her daughter a month ago.

She said: "She never told me about the modelling, the one person she knew would be really hurt by this.

"Melinda was my best friend but she is like a totally different person.

"She has ruined her hair which was never naturally blonde.

"It looks like she has put her head down a toilet full of Domestos bleach.

"She is only 5ft 2in and not 5ft 5in like they claim.

"She is also saying she has got 12 O-levels but she dropped out of college and really got about seven.

"Everybody is saying I am proud of her but nothing is further from the truth."
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Feb 16, 1997
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