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Muller is aiming to reduce total sugars across its Cornerbranded yogurt portfolio by 25% by June 2020.

The dairy giant is hoping to exceed Public Health England's voluntary guidelines, which encourage the brand to lower total sugars across its range by 20% before August 2020.

Last month the company introduced a new recipe for Muller Corner, containing up to 9% less sugar, more protein and a thicker and creamier texture. Mullerlight was also given a new formula. It, too, features 0% added sugar and a thicker and creamier texture.

Muller has also reformulated its Mullerlight Greek Style and Mullerlight Fruitopolis yogurts using a 0% added sugar recipe.

The brand removed added sugar from its Muller Corner Strawberry flavour and Muller Quark Yogurt range last year and added Muller Corner Plain, the dairy company's first ever Corner made with unsweetened natural Greek style yogurt.

Muller Yogurt & Desserts managing director Bergen Merey says: "We're the category leader, and the significant challenge we faced was how to reduce sugar without ever compromising on taste.

"We've now got our best ever recipes, supported by our biggest ever marketing campaign, and this category-disrupting strategy is how we plan to not only meet Public Health England's voluntary targets, but exceed them."

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Publication:Convenience Store
Date:Jul 26, 2019
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