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MTS Mobility.

MTS Mobility -- formerly MTS Cellular -- which on May 6th will celebrate its fifth anniversary, has quickly become Manitoba's largest cellular service provider. Today, MTS Mobility is Manitoba's cellular network of choice with coverage encompassing over 85 per cent of the province's population.

The recent change from "MTS Cellular" to MTS Mobility is an important evolution in the provision of wireless communications service in the province. The new name signifies MTS Mobility's partnership and role in Mobility Canada, an integrated communications network offering wireless services across Canada.

With this affiliation, MTS Mobility now provides a host of communications products and services to Manitoba, either individually or as a totally integrated communications package. These services include a number of cellular service packages, enhanced regional and national cellular services, international cellular service in over 1,000 North American centres, paging in most major Manitoba centres, wide-area national and international paging, voice messaging services, and private and commercial two-way radio network services.

The phenomenal success of MTS Mobility truly lies with its people. As any cellular user can attest, satisfactory service depends on much more than the cellular phone itself. More important is the service behind that hardware.

Coverage area, call quality, available options, enhancements and reliability can make the difference between mediocrity and a satisfied customer.

MTS Mobility has built a high-calibre cellular infrastructure in Manitoba with transmission towers and switches strategically located across the province. Efforts are now concentrated on a commitment to overall customer satisfaction through responsive performance in sales, service, products and information.

Behind the scenes are engineers and technicians, customer service representatives, and marketing and sales support people who ensure expectations for quality and service are met and maintained.

That commitment to reliability and leadership has made MTS Mobility Manitoba's number one choice for cellular. And it's why they'll be the number one choice in wireless communication services for years to come.
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Title Annotation:Celebrating Success
Publication:Manitoba Business
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Date:Apr 1, 1993
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