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MTNA program enrichment grants awarded.

The Mundi Project of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Manitou Chamber Music Festival and String Quartet Program of Colorado Springs, Colorado, were awarded MTNA Project Enrichment Grants.

The Mundi Project serves Salt Lake City's youth by creating open access to piano, music and the arts. It pursues this vision by operating the Piano Bank Program, which is Utah's piano adoption program, and the Piano Ambassador Program, which includes community outreach through workshops, concerts and community performances. The Mundi Project was awarded a $4,000 grant which is being used to re-brand its brochure and website.

Manitou Chamber Music Festival and String Quartet Program was conceived in 2014 to provide a unique environment of study and performance of great works of classical music. Manitou was awarded a $3,000 grant, which is being used to expand the student body and increase funding outreach to regional and national organizations.

Each year, large companies and organizations across North America award sizable grants to community-based programs that demonstrate the ability to serve the needs of specific groups in their region. Grants can often range from $50,000-$ 100,000. To secure such significant funding, a program must prepare an extensive grant application that often requires high-level writing skills and a well-produced video or other project as evidence of past success. Too often, deserving programs that lack the resources or skills to create such materials can never qualify. With this situation in mind, MTNA awards Program Enrichment Grants that provide "seed funds" to assist in the creation of application materials that can lead to larger funding from other organizations.

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Title Annotation:National Association News; Manitou Chamber Music Festival and String Quartet Program in Colorado and the Mundi Project of Salt Lake City, Utah
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Date:Aug 1, 2015
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