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MTNA/RPMDA partnership action plan.

Our MTNA motto is "Working For a More Musical Tomorrow." In addition to working together within our association, MTNA has continually sought to further the advancement of music study and music making through shared goals and partnerships with other associations.

This past year MTNA and the Retail Print Music Dealers Association (RPMDA) jointly developed outreach initiatives to strengthen the relationship between independent music teachers and local music dealers. The goals of these outreach initiatives are:

* To forge a strong relationship between teachers and dealers in each organization;

* To develop better avenues of interaction between teachers and dealers;

* To provide information to students and parents about music and the benefits of music study;

* To make available to the dealers the MTNA structure through the local associations in this process.

Both teachers and dealers are involved in the education of students, parents and fellow colleagues and share a common goal of understanding and promoting the value of music study and music making to their students or customers and to the general public. Therefore, it is only natural that the two should have a mutually beneficial relationship in which they nurture each other by supporting independent music educators and by sustaining a robust and convenient commerce in printed music and supplies. Danny Rocks, vice president for educational development, Alfred Publishing Company, states, "To be successful each (music teachers and music dealers) must recognize the true needs of the other party and strive to provide solutions to those needs." Working together, dealers and teachers can network to promote the study of music and music education for all ages--from preschool to seniors.

MTNA and RPMDA propose a new educational triangle of "dealer, teacher and music student" to achieve this purpose of creating and sustaining more music makers and enthusiasts. With dealers supporting teachers through their local associations and educating students, teachers purchasing from their local dealers and educating students, and students studying from teachers and supporting the local dealers, the strength of the three entities advances the study of music and ensures its continued survival. Teachers and dealers cannot achieve this purpose by themselves, but united they can stand together to support music education and the arts.

Each committee member deserves heartfelt thanks and gratitude for supporting this endeavor with their energy, expertise, time and talents. Representing RPMDA dealers on the committee were Richard Rejino, Brook Mays Print Music; Liane Rockley, Rockley Music; and Lisa Shannon, Music & Arts Centers. Representing publishers were Danny Rocks, Alfred Publishing Co, Inc.; Kevin Hackinson, FJH Music Company, Inc.; and Peggy Otwell, Hal Leonard Publishing Corp. MTNA representatives included Michelle Gordon, IMT; Martha Smith, IMT; Phyllis Heifer, MTNA President 2003-2005; and Gary Ingle, MTNA Executive Director.

As we launch these outreach initiatives in marketing and advertising, public relations and education, we challenge the MTNA local association network and all MTNA members to embrace and integrate them into their programs and studios. We are confident this partnership and the commitment of the members of both associations will help us continue to promote music education to the public, thereby ensuring the future of music teaching and the continued existence of print music and music stores, as well as the growth and development of music students of all ages.

Confucius wrote, "Music produces a pleasure the world cannot do without." The study of music and the arts give expression to who we are as individuals, as a community, as a nation, and as a culture. Let us work together for a more musical tomorrow.

Educational Initiatives

The educational initiatives will serve to inform students, their families and the general public about the importance of a quality music education. They also serve to educate all involved parties of developments in music teaching, instruments and technology, as well as legislation regarding copyright law.

** Local Associations

* Panel discussions at meetings with teachers and dealer staff personnel to discuss music purchasing, business practices, etc.

* Include dealers in meeting discussion of events to see where they could be of assistance.

* Ask dealer staff for new issue lists and promotional materials for distribution.

* Have firm policies about not allowing photocopied music in music events.

* Distribute informational pamphlets such as the "Copyright Guide for Music Educators," (available online) "Choosing a Music Teacher," "Buying a Piano," etc.

* Hold special student events at the local dealers, i.e., ensemble festival.

* Partner with dealer to hold "mall" concerts, especially during the holiday season.

** Independent Music Teachers

* Have firm policies about not allowing photocopied music.

* Make available copies of online Copyright Guide for Music Educators in Studio.

* Have firm policies about loaning music to students.

* Have free brochures on product information available in Studio, i.e., keyboards, software.

* Have brochures available in studio such as "Choosing a Music Teacher," "Buying a Piano" and "Learning to Play--Can music really make your child smarter."

Marketing and Advertising Initiatives

The marketing and advertising initiatives are designed to create a mutual awareness of the benefits of the MTNA/RPMDA partnership. Through the distribution of promotional materials and the partnering with dealers for advertising and meeting space, teachers and local associations will develop a strong relationship not only between themselves and local dealers, but also between students' families and dealers.

** Local Associations

* Provide free advertising space to local dealer in music programs and yearbooks in exchange for free use of instruments and recital hall for association sponsored events.

* Hold local association meetings, recitals and student events at the local store.

* Invite dealer to have exhibit table at local association events and workshops.

* Provide dealers with association mailing list, chair contacts and officer lists.

* Send dealer association newsletters, recital fliers and the like for posting on store bulletin boards.

** Independent Music Teachers

* Use music purchase note pads, available from dealer, for students to purchase music.

* Display in studio magnets, fliers, posters, calendars and other promotional materials from dealer.

* Have business cards from dealer available in studio.

* Encourage students and parents to visit dealer to purchase popular, holiday and/or church music or gifts.

* Advertise special sale days by the dealer in the studio.

Public Relations Initiatives

The public relations initiatives are cost-effective ideas to develop strong communication ties with local music dealers. These ideas will foster mutual good will between MTNA members and RPMDA dealers.

** Local Associations

* Invite dealers to attend association meetings.

* invite dealers to become a member of the local and/or state association.

* Develop personal relationship with dealer staff.

* Invite dealer staff to present programs on new materials, electronic keyboards, music software and so on.

* Take advantage of dealer offers to host events and meetings at business location.

* List dealers on recital programs, student event materials and other materials seen by the general public.

* Inform dealers of special events well in advance so adequate print music is available.

** Independent Music Teachers

* Develop personal relationship with dealer staff who know teachers' preferences for various materials.

* Inform dealer in advance of a large purchase of particular books or methods.

* Encourage students to visit dealer to purchase music and gifts.

* Arrange a "music day" at dealer for students, parents and teachers.

* Advertise any dealer special promotions.

Phyllis I. Pieffer, NCTM, is immediate past president of MTNA. An independent music teacher, she also is on the faculty of Grays Harbor College. Pieffer holds degrees in piano performance from the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio, and in music theory from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York.
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