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MTMC Streamlines carrier qualification.

In the immediate future, it will be easier to qualify to be a Department of Defense-approved freight carrier.

The Military Traffic Management Command is streamlining the process of carrier qualification through the command's Web site.

What used to take several weeks may soon be accomplished in 24 to 48 hours.

"By doing this, we'll bring in more qualified carriers in a faster, paperless fashion," said Maj. Donna Johnson, Chief, Automation Branch, Operations Division.

"This will greatly reduce the bureaucracy a qualified carrier is confronted with when trying to haul Department of Defense freight."

A test is under way right now. Automation is expected to be in place within 90 days for full implementation.

Carriers in the following categories will qualify: common, hazardous materials, bulk fuel, shipper agents, freight forwarders, air freight forwarders, brokers, and transportation protective services.

The Department of Defense has required a qualification program since 1991.

The impetus for the change comes from the new technology available, said Johnson.

No longer will MTMC maintain file cabinets filled with the qualification packets of MTMC's 600 carriers.

"It will be an entirely Web-based, automated process," said Johnson, "working closely with the Department of Transportation."

To announce the changes, MTMC will begin briefing industry trade associations and organizations.

In the past, prospective carriers have complained about the difficulty of the qualification and the steps required for completion.

The streamlining includes reducing the steps and requirements for carrier qualification and the Web application.

Previously, the qualification required 13 individual forms and certifications. Now the qualification will require just three documents.

Among the steps that have been cut are duplicate requirements of both MTMC and the Department of Transportation. MTMC has now cut these steps from the Department of Defense qualification.

In addition to making qualification easier, the new program should attract more quality carriers interested in doing business with the Department of Defense, said Maj. Gen. Kenneth L. Privratsky, Commander.

"Simply put, we want quality carriers hauling the Department of Defense's freight," said Privratsky.

"This new qualification requirement will enhance that process."

MTMC tested the new system via a simple pilot with Landstar.

"It was on the Web page and easy to do," said Ashlyn Neil, Landstar Office Manager of Government Transportation Services, who coordinated the test.

Formerly, the process was laborious, said Neil.

She should know. Previously, Neil helped coordinate the qualification of several of Landstar's trucking organizations.

The carrier certification process will be published in MTMC Rules Publication 1-B. Formerly, the regulation was found in 32CFR, Part 619.
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