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MTMC's new commanders bring enthusiasm, ideas.

Looking at a list of available Military Traffic Management Command overseas ports, Lt. Col. Darrel Jenkins did not have to think twice about his first choice.

Jenkins chose the 836th Transportation Battalion, Yokohama, Japan.

"I love the organization," said Jenkins, who served at the terminal as Chief, Ocean Cargo Clearance Authority Far East, 1991-1993. "I enjoy the country."

Jenkins was among nine new MTMC commanders, and two Army Reserve commanders who had attended a pre-command course at Fort Lee, Va., to attend a new commanders' course at both MTMC Headquarters locations--Alexandria, Va., and Fort Eustis, Va.

A Far Eastern assignment was likely for Jenkins, whose choices included all three of MTMC's Pacific Ocean terminals in the 599th Transportation Group, Wheeler Army Air Field, Hawaii.

"Quite a few terminal employees will still remember me," said Jenkins, who begins his assignment in mid-June.

Lt. Col. Timothy Civils has been Commander of the 842nd Transportation Battalion, Beaumont, Texas, since July. In September, he officiated at the flag lowering of the 596th Transportation Group, and accepted the flag of the MTMC battalion formerly at Fort Monmouth, N.J.

"I'm delighted to be part of `Team Beaumont,'" said Civils.

Among his first big challenges was the simultaneous discharge of two Large, Medium-Speed, Roll-on/Roll-off vessels in early December. The discharge of more than 1,600 pieces of cargo filled the port of Beaumont and spilled over into a separate 15-acre storage site outside the gates.

Civils, who came to MTMC from the Special Operations Command, Stuttgart, Germany, had also filled a previous assignment at MTMC.

"I had four years' service at Rotterdam from 1992 to 1996," said Civils. "I served with what was then know as the medium port command, and also with the group.

"Since that time, MTMC has become much more customer-focused."

Army Reserve commanders at the course included Lt. Col. Daniel Neuffer, Commander, 1188th Transportation Battalion, Birmingham, Ala.

"We go to Sunny Point," said Neuffer. "It's wonderful to be actually involved in strategic operations. It's a positive feeling.

"And it's a lot better dealing with real missions that support the warfighters."

Neuffer's battalion stays busy with support of the 597th Transportation Group, Southport, N.C.

So far this year, the 1188th has sent four teams of soldiers to support traffic management operations at the facility. The participating Reservists adjust their 14-day annual training requirement to meet the group's requirements.

"The cooperation is really seamless," said Neuffer, who normally works as a software distributor in his hometown of Birmingham. "The command is really supportive."

MTMC briefers to the new commanders included William Lucas, Deputy to the Commander.

"There are a lot of interesting challenges out there, and you'll have a lot of autonomy," said Lucas.

"You'll find you have to be creative--and your most creative mission will be support to the warfighters."

Lucas challenged MTMC's new commanders to strengthen their partnerships with industry. "You have to be easier to do business with," said Lucas. "You have to have value added.

"I often have sidebar conversations with industry and hear their comments. You have to go from design detail to performance-based best value.

"I know you're going to have a wonderful time," said Lucas.

The new terminal commanders are an impressive group, said Mike Coppedge, Coordinator of Training at MTMC Alexandria.

"No question--there's a lot of talent in this group," said Coppedge. "These new commanders will serve MTMC well for years to come."

Other new MTMC commanders attending the orientation included: Col. Victoria Leignadier, 598th Transportation Group, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Lt. Col. Terry Basham, 834th Transportation Battalion, Concord, Calif.; Lt. Col. Paul Giovino, 832nd Transportation Battalion, Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico; Lt. Col. Clayton Newton, 835th Transportation Battalion, Okinawa, Japan; Lt. Col. Dale Wronko, 840th Transportation Battalion; Izmir, Turkey; and Lt. Col. Darren Zimmer, 833rd Transportation Battalion, Seattle, Wash.

Other new Army Reserve commanders included: Col. Perry Clawson, from the 1186th Transportation Terminal Brigade, in Jacksonville, Fla. Also attending the course was Ricardo Ruiz, a new employee in the Transportation Engineering Agency, Newport News, Va.
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