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MTM meets the challenge.

My reason for writing is two-fold, first to tell you how much I enjoy your publication and look forward to finding it in my mailbox each month, and second to pass on to you and your readers an experience I have had recently with MTM Case Gard.

On Thursday of last week I had sent MTM an e-mail detailing how I had cracked the lid on my Site-In-Clean case (it was my fault), and inquired if there was a part number to use to order a replacement. This was during the SHOT Show so I really did not expect a reply until Tuesday of Wednesday of the following week. You can imagine my surprise when UPS dropped off a package on Monday with a brand new Site-In-Clean case on my front doorstep! And more to my amazement no invoice inside.

For this to happen MTM must have started the wheels in motion the same day they received my e-mail! Am I now a life long customer of MTM? You betcha'. And now it's for more than the fact that I have been greatly satisfied with all my past purchases from them. I am today equally impressed with the way MTM represents itself after the sale and backs up its line.

It seems that more and more I have to get used to products, and more often, services that don't meet my expectations. It's great to know that companies like MTM are out there standing strong in the face of diminished consumer satisfaction. Thanks MTM! I hope GUNS Magazine readers will keep this in mind when they are looking at MTM products for their own use.

James Byron Lee

Fishers, Ind.
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Title Annotation:Crossfire: letters to Guns
Author:Lee, James Byron
Publication:Guns Magazine
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jun 1, 2004
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