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 LOS ANGELES, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- A team of firms that has committed to build more than 92 percent of the MTA's next light rail car order in the United States has been awarded the contract to build 72 standardized light rail vehicles. The rail car contract, which is valued at $205 million, has been awarded to Siemens Duewag Corp. and its high tech partners AAI Corp., TRW, Aerojet and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The rail car vehicles will be used on the Metro Green Line and the Metro Blue Line extension to Pasadena.
 Siemens Duewag, the prime contractor offered the highest level of domestic involvement among four competing bidders -- 11 percent higher than any of its competitors -- and includes a commitment to award more than 20 percent of its contract to disadvantaged and minority-owned firms.
 "We are pleased to move forward with awarding the contract to Siemens which will create a major economic and employment boost for Southern California," said MTA Chairman and Los Angeles City Councilman Richard Alatorre. "Siemens demonstrated a strong commitment to Southern California by agreeing to locate a manufacturing facility in an area hit hard by last year's civil unrest. Their intention to award over 20 percent of the contract to minority and disadvantaged firms and over 92 percent to domestic companies is welcome news and will help to turn our local economy around."
 Siemens' promise to open a facility in Los Angeles County -- most likely in Long Beach -- to manufacture light rail vehicle shells marks the first time modern light rail car shells would be built in the United States. Currently no company is manufacturing domestic light rail vehicle shells. All light rail vehicle shells currently must be imported into the United States from abroad.
 The decision to award the contract to Siemens was delayed one month after two of the proposers filed protests with the MTA. Following a close examination of the protests by a team of protest evaluators, both protests were denied.
 In addition to building 72 light rail vehicles, the contract award includes up to $10 million for research and development of at least three advanced transportation products that will be tested on two prototype vehicles. These products will help assist with traditional defense firms to transition into the emerging surface transportation industry, a key goal of the MTA in awarding the rail car contract.
 -0- 7/28/93
 /CONTACT: Michael Bustamante, 213-244-6591, or Stephanie Brady, 213-244-6792, both of MTA News Bureau/

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Date:Jul 28, 1993

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