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MSNBC Host: Ahmadinejad was Right, Israel Shouldn't Exist.

By Reuters

A MSNBC host who sparked controversy earlier this year after blog posts she wrote more than a decade ago were unearthed came under renewed criticism over the weekend after it was revealed that she had expressed support for statements by an Iranian leader denouncing the establishment of the State of Israel.

Joy-Ann Reid, host MSNBC's AM Joy program, first came under scrutiny in November 2017, after it was revealed that blog posts she had written almost a decade before had accused then-Florida Governor Charlie Crist of being a homosexual.

Earlier this year, other controversial articles posted to Reid's blog came to light, including one which photo-shopped Arizona Senator John McCain into an image of the 2007 Virginia Tech campus shooting. The post was titled "Bagdad John strikes again." In other posts, Reid endorsed conspiracy theories regarding the 2001 9/11 terror attacks, including a movie which suggested the attacks were in fact part of a conspiracy by the US government.

Reid initially denied writing the controversial posts, suggesting that her blog may have been hacked. Reid later admitted, however, that experts hired to investigate the posts were unable to find any evidence that the blog had been hacked, and that the posts had been written by anyone other than herself.

In another post uncovered recently, Reid wrote in December 2005 that then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was right in his claim that the State of Israel should not exist. The blog post cited comments Ahmadinejad made to the AFP in December 2005: "You believe the Jews were oppressed, why should the Palestinian Muslims have to pay the price? You oppressed them, so give a part of Europe to the Zionist regime so they can establish any government they want. We would support it.

"So, Germany and Austria, come and give one, two or any number of your provinces to the Zionist regime so they can create a country there ... and the problem will be solved at its root. Why do they insist on imposing themselves on other powers and creating a tumor so there is always tension and conflict? Is it not true that European countries insist that they committed a Jewish genocide? They say that Hitler burned millions of Jews in furnaces ... and exiled them. Then because the Jews have been oppressed during the Second World War, therefore they [the Europeans] have to support the occupying regime of Quds [Jerusalem]. We do not accept this."

In response to the Iranian leader's comments, Reid wrote that she agreed with Ahmadinejad. "I hate to admit that Mr. Ahmadinejad has a point." Reid then accused Israel of adhering to a rigid ethnic "caste" system, incorrectly claiming that most Israeli citizens are descended from German nationals.

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