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MS talk flows on the info highway.

The world on-line is free of barriers imposed by time, distance, or disability. And, among the 1,001 services offered by computer network services - such as America Online, CompuServe or Prodigy - are bulletin boards and chat groups where people with chronic illness or disabilities exchange ideas. In cyberspace today, MS talk goes on day and night.

The sessions can be comforting or thought-provoking because being both anonymous and public gives people the freedom to open up all kinds of issues. Anything goes - including rumors and misinformation. Before taking medical or legal advice from these sources. remember it's up to each individual to check out what's offered on-line.

Fact or opinion?

The National MS Society listens in on many MS bulletin boards and chat groups but does not answer or challenge anything in the free flow of on-line communication. It is not appropriate for the Society to police people's opinions. The Society provides facts, information, and the opinions of recognized experts several ways:

On-line: National MS Society libraries have been mounted on America Online and Prodigy; these texts represent the best information and advice Society staff can gather. The texts can be read, downloaded into home computers, printed, even sent somewhere else - but they can't be "opened" or altered except by the Society.

The Society has just launched a "home page" on the Internet's World Wide Web to expand on-line offerings. Net surfers: Try today!

By telephone: The Information Resource Center in New York City and the 90 local NMSS chapters have current advisories on research and medical programs and handouts on many aspects of MS. Call 1-800-FIGHT-MS and select the appropriate option.

When Your Question is

Unique, Call 1-800-FIGHT-MS


The National MS Society's Information Resource Center will do a free customized computer search to answer complex or unusual questions relating to MS. The IRC's information specialists use text sources and computerized databases of medical literature to which the Society subscribes to search out answers.
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Date:Sep 22, 1995
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