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MS mother & father honored at White House ceremony.

MS Mother & Father Honored at White House Ceremony

An Illinois mother of two, Christina Fewell of Skokie, and a New Jersey father of two, Russell Kenny of Columbus, were honored by President Bush as the MS Mother and Father of the Year.

Forty-three-year-old Christina Fewell, a clinical social worker who has a private practice with a specialty in family and youth counseling, was diagnosed with MS in 1985. Although she is physically limited by an unsteady gait and extreme fatigue, Mrs. Fewell not only helps her own children, ages 11 and 13, come to grips with the realities of having a disabled parent, but also aids dozens of other youngsters struggling with similar challenges by providing a supportive counseling environment.

Her desire to create a vehicle in which her children and other could receive help evolved into a Family Awareness Day workshop organized last year through the Chicago-Northern Illinois Chapter. She plays a major role in her children's activities such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and is a group coordinator for their Sunday School youth group.

Russell Kenny, 39, a high school teacher of agriculture and a livestock farer, was diagnosed with MS in 1981. Determined to take his diagnosis in stride, he has continued his busy teaching schedule while devoting time to his four-acre feeder pig producing farm. Although he now relies on an electric motor cart for mobility, he is still actively championing many causes he believes in, including the rights of the disabled and support of the Greater Delaware Chapter and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Through his leadership in a variety of ingenious fund-raising campaigns, including "Penny-A-Vote" and Kiss-A-Pig" contests, thousands of his students have not only increased their knowledge of and sensitivity to the disabled, but also raised nearly $50,000 for those with MS.

Christina and Russell represent the 39th consecutive mother and father to be received by the elected President since the award was established almost four decades ago.

Our warmest congratulations to both.
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Title Annotation:Christina Fewell and Russell Kenny are named mother and father of the year
Publication:Inside MS
Date:Jun 22, 1990
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