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MS and travel. (Readers Write).

I want to alert travelers with MS to the following: When booking a room at a Holiday Inn on the East Coast, we took advantage of their policy to reserve specific rooms (e.g., with a wheel-in shower) for people with MS and other disabilities. Although we received written confirmation of our reservation with the specific room referenced, when we arrived we were told the room was taken. We wound up having to stay elsewhere.

Once we returned home, we pursued this with Bass Hotels (which owns Holiday Inn). We were told that if a prior occupant decides to stay an extra day in the specific room you had reserved, your reservation for that room is effectively canceled.

Travelers with disabilities, beware! Also--an article on disabled overseas adventure travel would be welcome.


While you can't always get what you need, sometimes you get what you want. See our travel feature this issue.--The Editor
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Publication:Inside MS
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jun 22, 2001
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