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MS Council issues treatment guidelines for physicians.

Where can the health-care professional who is not an MS specialist get expert guidance on the best ways to manage MS symptoms? This is no small issue: surveys suggest that less than 5 percent of people with MS go to MS clinical centers or to neurologists who have expertise in this disease. Members of some 22 professional health-care organizations, including the National MS Society, have risen to the challenge of this information gap.

In October, Fatigue and Multiple Sclerosis and Urinary Dysfunction and Multiple Sclerosis were issued, with major financial support from PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America). All the research data and clinical evidence that support the guidelines on treatments, tests, and strategies are carefully documented. Physicians, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, and other health-care professionals may contact PVA at or call 888-860-7244 for free copies.

"Guidelines on spasticity, disease state management, and the use of immunizations should be ready in September 1999," said Dr. Deborah Miller, who chaired the extraordinary all-volunteer committee of MS experts that is producing these documents.
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Title Annotation:multiple sclerosis
Publication:Inside MS
Date:Jan 1, 1999
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