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MRV Announces 10GE Wavelength and Dispersion Tunability on a Single WDM Card.

MRV's Innovative LambdaDriver WDM Tunable Cards Offer Extended Metro and Long Haul Tunable WDM Networks up to 350 Kilometers

CHATSWORTH, Calif. -- MRV COMMUNICATIONS, INC. (Nasdaq:MRVC), a leading provider of products and services for WDM and optical transport, metro Ethernet, fiber optic components, 10GE, out-of-band networking and other optical networking products, today announced the availability of two new cards for the LambdaDriver[R] WDM systems. These new WDM cards combine 10GE wavelength and dispersion tunability for distances up to 350km and are remotely reconfigurable, reducing deployment and operational time and costs while increasing reliability and scalability.

With built-in tunable dispersion compensation together with tunable 10GE wavelengths, the LambdaDriver TM-DXFP20T and TM-DXFP35T cards enable ease of use, cost savings on sparing, and network planning simplification to help streamline DWDM network deployments. The new tunable cards support per wavelength fine-tuning of dispersion compensation, allowing dispersion balancing over long distance WDM networks. The new tunable WDM 10GE cards can be reconfigured remotely with MRV's WDM management system to improve response time and reduce maintenance cost. In a tunable WDM long haul network application, these transponders greatly reduce the need for downstream dispersion compensation--from every 90km to as much as 350km.

The dispersion compensation, combined with wavelength tunability across the entire WDM C-band, provides advantages for both metro and long haul networks. Carriers can deploy metro tunable WDM networks without having to employ standalone dispersion compensation capabilities. In a long haul network application, MRV's new tunable WDM 10GE transponders greatly enhance the ability of carriers and enterprises to evolve their networks, deliver new services and implement tunable WDM networks that are easy to use.

"The new integrated WDM tunable cards represent a significant step in next-generation reconfigurable 10GE transport, as they integrate multiple advanced features into a single world-class platform," said Noam Lotan, president and CEO of MRV Communications. "This integrated LambdaDriver solution takes our optical innovation strategy to a higher level and provides a tunable WDM 10GE solution to answer our customers' increasing demands for greater scalability, more flexibility in their WDM networks and more efficient use of OPEX."

Combining the new integrated tunable WDM cards, which support STM64/OC-192 (9.955 Gbps) and 10GE protocols, into MRV's powerful LambdaDriver WDM platform, allows a best-in-class value proposition across a broad range of networks. The LambdaDriver wavelength tunable transponders can be remotely set to any 50 GHz spacing DWDM waves on the ITU-T grid (G.694.1) in C-band. L-band tunability is also available.

The WDM platform delivers versatile tunable transponders and muxponders for access, cores and enterprise applications, while enhancing the ability of carriers and enterprises alike to tune their WDM optical networks and deliver enhanced new services. The new 10GE tunable modules can be used throughout the LambdaDriver WDM family, including the compact LD400, the LD800 and LD1600 modular chassis. Combined with other technologies including raman amplification, modular hybrid ROADM up to 80 wavelengths, pluggable SFPs and XFPs for flexible SDH, 10GE and storage access, 4Gbit/s Fiber Channel, these devices form a complete carrier-class or enterprise WDM solution.

About the MRV'S LambdaDriver Platforms

MRV's LambdaDriver WDM platform provides one of the most flexible product solutions in the backbone networking arena, enabling carriers and service providers to create new revenue opportunities as a result of more efficient use of their existing fiber infrastructure. Three different active chassis (LD400, LD800 and LD1600) and two passive chassis (LPD100 and LDP300) with interchangeable modules provide a solution for any network size and service density. Transparent transport allows support for all high-speed LAN, WAN or SAN services. Sub-rate TDM technology allows even more efficient use of the available fiber by aggregating low rate protocols over one wavelength. The LambdaDriver platforms support both CWDM and DWDM technologies, thus enabling a cost-efficient initial investment in infrastructure with CWDM and a smooth upgrade path toward full capacity DWDM networks. LambdaDriver[R] platforms are NEBS certified, thus meeting the basic requirement for carrier market. For more information, please visit

Pricing and Availability

The LambdaDriver Tunable 10GE WDM cards, TM-DXFP20T and TM-DXFP35T, are available from MRV and its worldwide network of resellers. For more information, visit the MRV communications Web site (

About MRV Communications, Inc.

MRV Communications, Inc. ("MRV") is a leading provider of network equipment and services, and optical components. MRV's networking business provides equipment used by commercial customers, governments and telecommunications service providers, and includes switches, routers, physical layer products and out-of-band management products as well as specialized networking products for aerospace, defense and other applications including voice and cellular communication. MRV's optical components business provides optical communications components for metropolitan, access and Fiber-to-the-Premises applications, through its wholly owned subsidiary LuminentOIC, Inc. MRV markets and sells its products worldwide through a variety of channels, including a dedicated direct sales force, manufacturers' representatives, value-added-resellers, distributors and systems integrators. MRV also has operations in Europe that provide network system design, integration and distribution services that include products manufactured by third-party vendors, as well as internally developed and manufactured products. Publicly traded since 1992, MRV is listed on the NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol MRVC. For more information about MRV and its products, please call (818) 773-0900 or visit our websites at and
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Date:May 1, 2007
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