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MRS MOP; It's just over a month until Father's Day, so if you want to save up and treat him, here are electronic gift ideas he'll love.

Astro A40 TR HEADSET + MIXAMP PRO TR, PS200 or PS248 with mod kit If Dad is a gamer, this Astro A40 TR HEADSET + MIXAMP PRO TR will blow his mind. It means he can play his games without annoying mum. It's a pro-level gaming headset and amp like they use at tournaments, with superb sound and hi-tech software and hardware for a perfect immersive experience. From JumPack CPP 8000, PS79.99 This battery pack for charging phones and devices is amazing. It comes with mini jump leads and can even jump start your car if the battery goes flat, it's ideal gift for the dad who likes to be prepared. It even has a powerful built-in flashlight which works as an SOS strobe. Genius gadget of the year. From

Snooper DVR-4HD dash cam, PS149.99 Let Dad keep himself, the family and his car safe on the roads with this dash cam. It's packed with features like 1080p high definition recording, touch screen, forward collision warning, speed camera detection and an app to share footage instantly online. It's tiny and super-easy to set up. From Sky Champion Helicopter, PS74.99 Any dad will love this Revell Control Sky Champion. It's massive - none of your little indoor efforts here. This copter can be flown in a big room, but take it outside and unleash it properly. It is easy to fly, even for beginners, handles like a dream and is fast too. From Amazon and good toy retailers. See PARTHICA Gaming Keyboard, PS39.99 Does your dad love PC games? Here's the perfect treat. A proper pro gamer Parthica keyboard with loads of customisation thanks to Game On Detection technology and profiles that load themselves. You can even assign colour schemes. It feels solid and key stroke response time is superb. From Amazon.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 15, 2016
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