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MR THINCREDIBLE; I lost 15st after 'Fat Dad' jibe.


SUPER slimmer Matt Hinchy shed 15 stone in just NINE MONTHS - because his daughter's pals kept taking the mickey out of him.

The 31-year-old was shocked and ashamed when a little girl chirped: "Why's your dad so fat when mine's thin?"

So he went on a crash diet and turned from 30 stone gutbucket into a 14 and a half stone Mr Thincredible.

He said: "It's astonishing how quickly it came off. Work colleagues don't even recognise me now."

Matt's weight had ballooned as he gorged on greasy fry-ups, EIGHT Mars bars a day, fizzy drinks and crisps topped off with a huge supper or curry.

"I put on about a stone and a half every year for 12 years. Each time I bought clothes I had to get the next size up.

"At one point the only things that fitted me were specialist clothes bought on the Internet."

The 6ft 2in IT consultant soon grew ashamed of his weight. He said: "The little girl's comment made me feel really bad. And I wouldn't take my daughter swimming because I was afraid of people staring at me in trunks."

So when wife Trish, 33, gave birth to their second girl, Matt joined the Lighterlife scheme after hearing about it from a friend.

He ate nothing but protein drinks and soup for five months and went to counselling sessions.

"It was hellish at first," says Matt. "I had to summon up a lorryload of mental strength to stay on course.

"But then I dropped a stone in my first week and that spurred me on."

He's now kept his weight the same for five months and his seven-year-old daughter's friends have now nicknamed him Skinny Mattaciono.

He added: "I eat a normal, low-fat diet. I go to the gym twice a week and on five-mile walks. My wife is stunned. And we get up to all sorts we'd never have tried before!

"It also means I'm going to be around to watch my little girls grow up. And that's the best reward of all."

FULL MATT DIETBREAKFAST: Fry up, four slices of bread and butter. Coffee with full-fat milk

MID-MORNING: Two chocolate bars

LUNCH: Three course meal

AFTERNOON: Crisps, chocolate, pop

EVENING: Sweets on journey home

DINNER: Curry & beer

LATE EVENING: Crisps & chocolateLOW MATT DIETBREAKFAST: Fruit and yoghurt, black coffee

LUNCH: Chicken salad

DINNER: Jacket potato with salad and a little fish. No oil or fat.

SNACKS: Fruit and dried prunes.


THEN: Lardy Matt at 30st; NOW: Trimmed down to 14st
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Nov 27, 2005
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