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MR ROCKLEBANK: Still all at sea in 2005?

PERHAPS Liverpool chief executive ``Capt'' David Henshaw will reflect after attending Southampton's spectacular naming of Queen Mary 2 that all this free glo-bal publicity could have been Liverpool's,had fingers been pulled out more smartly when Cunard offered us this event.

It's not absolutely certain that Cunard's Queen Victoria naming in 2005 will be at the Pier Head.

Not only must the new Princes Landing Stage be finished on time,but also be long enough and wide enough to accommodate thesemegaliners.

WITH Liverpool enjoying the Year of Faith,prior to being Capital of Culture, what of the future of St Mary and the Angels,Fox Street? Why is this ecclesiastical gem, with its priceless Italian Renaissance fittings,locked up when thousands of visitors are due, some of whom may not be interested in the high culture of The Beatles and football?

SO FAR,highways chiefs have resisted the lure of being Euro-compatible and distances remain in Imperial measures. But the new medical facility that occupies the former site of Sefton General Hospital has signs that indicate it as being ``220m''away.Are we being metric ated by stealth for the supposed good of our health?

CURSE of Brocklebank No.1: This column can exclu-sively reveal that the reason for dismantling the ``Edward Scissorhands'' Gateway Feature sculpture on Speke Road is not due to ``the wrong kind of wind'' blo wing. Our Feng Shui expert explains the sculpture's stark pointing design, representing a wave (as in river,not goodbye) is ``cutting qi'', or an invitation to bad luck to be str ongly avoided.

CURSE of Brocklebank No. 2: The simultaneous resurfacing of roads around India Buildings has created a traffic nightmare. Hundreds of workers signed a petition of complaint to Liverpool City Council.Yet, as a council assistant traffic flow and management operative explained to an exasperated office worker: ``This is all the Daily Post's fault for stirring it up.''

THE sudden expansion of the Culture Company team at the presentation of three new top bananas for Liverpool's European Capital of Culture 2008 at the FACT Centre took the organisers by sur prise.

Hacks had to surrender their own ECC lapel pins so that the top brass were not embarr assed while appearing in photographs and on TV.

And they didn't return them. SCOUSE Watch:This week's gratuitous reference to Liverpool on BBC Radio 4's ``sophisticated'' comedy shows was on The News Quiz . Describing Britney Spears' wedding,chairman Simon Hoggart said the bride and groom wore tracksuits, trainers and baseball caps -``al-though in Liverpool this was considered over-dressed.''

YOU can tell Christmas is over -at least in Liverpool Costco,anyway.How? The shelves are stuffed with Easter eggs.
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Title Annotation:Comment
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 14, 2004
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