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MQM to come up with surprising results in interior Sindh in LG elections.

HYDERABAD, May 08, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Provincial Minister and Joint Incharge MQMs Interior Sindh Tanzeemi Committee, Nisar Panhwar has said the party would clinch unanticipated and surprising electoral results in interior Sindh in the upcoming local government elections. He said at the Circuit House here on Saturday that the party had members in every Taluka of the province and efforts were underway to further strengthen the party by extricating the poor people from the clutches of the feudal system. The minister informed that the party formed the Tanzeemi Committee in 2003 and since then the partys popularity and membership had grown by leaps and bounds in the hinterlands of the province as the committee endeavoured to remove misconceptions by spreading the partys message. The party is carrying out a vigorous campaign in interior Sindh with MQM chief Altaf Hussains message of empowering the preponderant majority by wresting power from the usurpers and vesting it in the ordinary people, he added. Panhwar lashed out on the unethical and inhuman customs like karo-kari and said such practices continued owing to the retrogressive feudal system. Feudalism is the bastion of retrogressive and inhuman practices where weaker people are exploited and justice is reserved only for influential people, he said, adding that women were the biggest victims of such customs. While expressing his disapproval of the dynastic politics the minister said genealogy did not substantiate a persons political acumen rather practical experience and hardships of the life engender wisdom in the people. To a question about the hindrances in the partys political activities in interior Sindh he said the same feudal system whereby political ideology is bartered for political authority, irrespective of the peoples aspirations and interests, was the only impediment in the partys activities. However, he sounded optimism that the party would be able to surmount that challenge by creating awareness in the people about the power of their vote and by organizing them on a political platform. Where other political leaders knock doors of the ordinary people only at the time of election canvass to seek their votes, Altaf Hussain offers party tickets to the same people only on a condition that they would struggle for the public interest, the minister added. He dispelled the impression that the central leadership of MQM did not include Sindhis and cited himself besides a number of other leaders who were working actively for the party in different parts of the province. About 6 Sindhis contested in the general elections from Hyderabad and Karachi on the partys ticket, however, many Sindhis had been given representation on the special reserved seats in the national and provincial assemblies, Panhwar said. He said MQM existed in all parts of the country, although, that would become more evident in the coming time. He was of the view that the culture of Sindh never hampered political activities of MQM in interior of the province and, on the contrary, it had proved to be quite conducive for it, however, resistance had been witnessed from those proponents of provincialism whose vested interests rested with the obscurantist tribal customs. Panhwar maintained that language did not ensure prosperity and development but only an effective system which bestows rights on the people besides putting social responsibility on them could bring about a socio-economic uplift for the betterment of all. MQM wants to abolish the feudal system by introducing discipline and justice in the society, he added. He said MQM was supportive of the stance for giving Sindhi besides other regional languages the status of official and academic language.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:May 8, 2010
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