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MPs assemble, call for disarming Beirut.

Beirut MPs held a meeting on Monday to discuss recent security developments in Beirut, AN NAHAR reported Tuesday. The daily said that the attendees agreed to pave the way toward "disarming Beirut." Following the meeting, MP Tamam Salam announced to reporters that "no rational person can accept this (uncontrolled security) situation in Beirut in light of recent militia clashes in different areas, which intimidate citizens."

Salam added "what has been happening in different areas in Beirut, among them the latest incident in Beirut's Zaidaniyeh neighborhood ... cannot be dealt with as if they are normal events." On Friday night a personal dispute erupted in Beirut's Zaidaniyeh neighborhood during which rivals resorted to weapons, leaving one person wounded.

Salam also said that the Lebanese government "is responsible for this security situation." The MP added that the Beirut MPs have decided to form delegations that will pay visits to the president, prime minister and house speaker as part of a continuous effort to disarm Beirut.
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Publication:The Daily Middle East Reporter (Beirut, Lebanon)
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Date:Dec 20, 2011
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