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MPCC testing in Navy and Marine Corps activities.

The Naval Supply Systems Command recently introduced the Military Paper Check Conversion (MPCC) to Navy and Marine Corps activities. As part of the joint initiative between Naval Supply Systems Command; U.S. Treasury; Commander, Fleet Forces Command; and the Marine Corps, MPCC converts paper checks into electronic debits to the check writer's account eliminating work associated with processing hard copy checks.

MPPC eliminates manual work in preparing and mailing of checks for clearing, reduces the volume of check records to maintain, significantly reduces check clearing time within 24 hours vice two weeks (sometimes to a month or more during underway) thus helping Sailors with budgeting and bank reconciliation, and also increases disbursing officer's fiscal accountability by reducing "bounced check" collection processing.

The Navy and Marine Corps have joined the Army and Air Force in testing this Treasury-sponsored system. Implementation for testing is complete at Camp Lejuene; Camp Pendleton; 3rd Marine Force Service Support Group in Okinawa, Japan; three garrisons and seven Marine expeditionary units; Personnel Support Detachments at Yokosuka, Japan, and Naples, Italy; and Customer Support Desks at Agnano, Chinhae, Guam, Diego Garcia, Gaeta, and Allied Forces Southern Europe. These are the first Navy overseas sites to receive the initial offering.

Installation is complete onboard USS John C. Stennis, USS Cole, USS Peleliu and USS Comstock. These are the first ships to use MPCC. The test will be on a total of ten ships, nine OCONUS Navy shore sites and ten Marine sites. The remaining ships named in the memorandum of agreement are scheduled to receive MPCC by the end of October.

NAVSUP is working with Defense Financial and Accounting Service for policy and regulations. NAVSUP offers worldwide technical support through their Navy Integrated Call Center. Operators can dial 1 -877-4-1-TOUCH or DSN 510-4-2-TOUCH from anywhere in the world toll free and get technical support for MPCC by hitting Option 6-4. NAVSUP's point of contact is DKCS (SW/AW) Rey Mayo, NAVSUP 56A, commercial 717 605-6941 or e-mail at
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Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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