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MP from SLC: US troops stay rejected.

Baghdad (NINA) -- MP from the State of Law Coalition, Abdul Salam Al Maliki, said the US troops will depart according to the dates specified by the security agreement because there is no use of their stay more than the current year.

In a statement to NINA, Maliki added "all political blocs intend to end the US troop existence in Iraq, according to the agreement reached between both countries," pointing out that those blocs are partners of the government in determining the stay or departure of the US troops.

He went on saying that stance of PM Maliki and Dawa Party is declared and known, rejecting the US troops stay after 2011.

Maliki explained that "the Iraqi security forces managed to control the security dossier for three years now and they do not need the US troops, therefore, there is no need for them to stay, despite the shortage in weapons that are used to protect the borders." /End/

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Publication:National Iraqi News Agency
Date:Jul 5, 2011
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