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MP falls head first into open-blouse controversy with sex actress.

A member of Denmark's Parliament said he made the wrong decision when he licked the breasts of an actress while being filmed by state television. The incident is to be screened this week. It took place when Mr Peder Sass was being interviewed about young people's drinking habits. Mr Sass is the governing Social Democratic Party's spokesman on youth issues. The interview was conducted in the parliament building by state television channel DR2's Inside monthly programme. The programme is known for placing lawmakers in unusual situations and the team for this interview included Ms Dina Jewel, a sex-film actress. When programme interviewer Mr Christian Schou asked Mr Sass if he wanted to try a "body tequila", Mr Sass agreed. Ms Jewel then tore open her blouse and put salt, which one is supposed to lick before downing tequila, between her breasts. "It happened so fast. I didn't catch the word `body'," Mr Sass said. "I regret I didn't ask what it was all about." But he did go ahead with the stunt. "It was a question of whether to back out or go through with it. I chose the latter," he said. "When the scene was over we talked seriously about young people's alcohol habits." Reaction from other Danish politicians has been disapproving, but conservatively phrased. Deputy parliament speaker Mr Birte Weiss called the stunt "inappropriate". The Inside show has angered Parliament members before with its contrivances. in one show, a fake attack on a passerby was staged in front of MPs.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jan 25, 1999
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