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Snow White & the Huntsman Film4, 9pm Once Ravenna (Charlize Theron) ascends to the throne, she incarcerates Snow White (Kristen Stewart) in the north tower and plans to attain eternal youth by ripping out her stepdaughter's beating heart. Thankfully, the plucky heroine escapes the dungeon and the clutches of Ravenna's slimy brother Finn (Sam Spruell), and heads into the aptly named Dark Forest. Ravenna's magic holds no sway in this enclave, so she hires a Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to track down Snow White and deliver the girl to her doom. However, he falls under the escapee's spell and agrees to help Snow White overthrow Ravenna with the assistance of William (Sam Claflin) and eight pint-sized former miners.

FRIDAY Marley and Me Film4, 6.30pm Owen Wilson stars as John Grogan, a journalist who has recently married fellow reporter Jennifer (Jennifer Aniston). In a bid to keep her biological clock at bay, he buys her a puppy, little realising just how destructive and time-consuming the rumbustious, seemingly untrainable Marley will be. But on the plus side, the pet does prove to be good for John's career, as he starts to write a column based on the dog's doings. Marley is a scene-stealer, but there's also plenty of human drama as the Grogans get used to settling down and sharing their home with a hapless hound and, eventually, three children. Kathleen Turner and Alan Arkin also star, while the real John Grogan also makes a cameo.

In Our Name BBC Two, 11pm Suzy returns home from a draining tour of duty in Iraq, forever changed by her experiences behind enemy lines. She struggles to slip back into civilian life and finds it difficult to re-establish an emotional bond with her young daughter Cassie, who barely recognises her. Squaddie husband Mark feels threatened by Suzy's choice of career and the strain on the relationship gradually takes its toll, pushing the mother to the brink of self-destruction. The emotional scars borne by soldiers returning from war are dealt with sensitively in Brian Welsh's directorial debut. Joanne Froggatt is always good value for money, and is as impressive as ever in the lead role.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jun 6, 2015
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