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MOVIE REVIEW: Genteel adventurer meets monster with good humor.

Finally, a movie that is 100% kid-friendly. Often, movies are rated GP or touted as "made for kids" but have scenes that, as a parent, I'm shocked at how they think those are kid friendly.

"The Missing Link" is a great watch for kids. Minimal to no violence, no gore. No monsters of the evil kind. This is a movie centering on a particular kind of creature, namely The Sasquatch a.k.a. Big Foot a.k.a. Mr. Link played by Zach Galifianakis.

Funny, silly but with surprisingly good insight, he's the last of his kind and wants to find family. In order to do this, he enlists the aid of Sir Lionel Frost, an adventurer reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes. Hugh Jackman's voice is perfect for the job of genteel adventurer willing to take risks. In this age of superheroes, it is so comforting to find a hero who needs no superpowers in order to perform difficult tasks and conquer the impossible. This mix of Indiana and Sherlock creates an appealing character albeit high brow in Sir Lionel. Zoe Saldana's character, Adelina Fortnight, often puts Sir Lionel in his place. It's another refreshing change from the usual damsels in distress. (Go Disney! First Elsa, then Moana, now Adelina.)

In their journey across the world to find his family, Mr. Link's good humor and innocence will endear himself to all who watch. This movie is about trust, acceptance, friendship, and empathy; values that are much needed now and parents would love their children to imbibe.

Using stop motion animation, Laika creates another splendid masterpiece that only improves upon their previous works like "Caroline" and "Kubo And The Two Strings," both of which are so fluid you forget it's stop motion. The patience, skill and talent (and material!) that goes into making these type of movies are epic. And Chris Butler, the writer and director of this movie delivers loads. He delivers values and emotions in the story without having to resort to bells and whistles, or light flares.

Bottom line is, watch it. Bring your kids. And bring out the kid in you. Enjoy the telling of the story and accompany the characters in finding and connecting the Missing Link.


SCENE FROM 'The Missing Link'

(FROM LEFT): Sir Lionel Frost, Mr. Link, and Adelina Fortnight

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Date:Apr 13, 2019
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