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 BURLINGAME, Calif., Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Motorola's (NYSE: MOT) RISC Microprocessor Division today announced five software development packages for optimizing performance of the PowerPC 603(TM) microprocessor, including C and FORTRAN compilation systems; an Architectural Simulator; a 603 Timing Simulator, and a source-level debugger.
 PowerPC 603 microprocessors, announced today at the Microprocessor Forum, join the Motorola and IBM (NYSE: IBM) RISC family of microprocessors and offer workstation-level performance packed into a low-power consumption, low-cost design ideal for notebooks and desktop computers. This is the industry's first toolset to specifically target PowerPC 603 implementations and support multiple host platforms.
 "Motorola is committed to providing customers with development tools that substantially reduce their overall design time," said Anne-Marie Larkin, Motorola's director of RISC software. "This PowerPC 603 toolset will provide developers with an incredibly powerful environment that will enable designers to take advantage of the microprocessor's full-performance level."
 The Software Development Package (SDP) package includes Motorola's highly optimizing C and FORTRAN compilers, which can take advantage of specific 603 performance features while still producing code that is object-compatible across all members of the PowerPC Microprocessor Family. Also included in the SDP is a source level debugger, which reduces software development time, and an Architectural Simulator, which enables developers to create and test software in a virtual PowerPC environment prior to the availability of hardware platforms.
 The Motorola C and FORTRAN compilation systems for the PowerPC Family provide a powerful set of software development tools ideally suited for the requirements of RISC microprocessors. Key features include full ANSI-compliance and common language extensions, as well as the capability to optimize performance for several implementations of the PowerPC architecture with a single compilation environment. The compilers currently support assembly language generation and the XCOFF object file format, and will also support the ELF format in the near future. Code generated by the compiler can be easily integrated with the GNU Power PC source-level debugger and the Motorola simulators.
 The Microarchitectural Timing Simulator (MATSim) enables programmers to analyze the performance of the PowerPC 603's software by providing detailed information regarding the timing of the programs it simulates. The MATSim provides three modes of operation; virtual machine mode for hardware systems design and analysis; operating system emulation mode for applications development; and an embedded mode for embedding the PowerPC microprocessor in an external simulation environment.
 Motorola provides PowerPC development tools for the 601 and 603 microprocessors. These tools are available on IBM's RS/6000 and Sun Microsystems' SUN 4 platforms, and will be available on other platforms in the near future. The SDP bundled toolkit -- including the C and FORTRAN compilers, Architectural Simulator, Assembler and Loader, and Debugger -- is priced at $5,000. Individual prices for the C and FORTRAN compilers start at $1,500 each, and at $3,500 for the Architectural Simulator. Pricing for the Timing Simulator starts at $4,000 for two users.
 The scaleable PowerPC microprocessor family, jointly developed by Apple (NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL), IBM, and Motorola, is being designed into high- performance cost-effective computers, including notebooks, desktop, workstations, and servers. PowerPC chips are based on a reduced instruction set computing (RISC) architecture, and incorporate leading-edge technologies and processes from both IBM and Motorola. Companies that have committed to developing PowerPC-based systems include Apple Computer, Groupe Bull, IBM Advanced Workstations and Systems, IBM Power Personal Systems, Harris, Ford Motor Co., THOMSON-CSF and Scientific-Atlanta.
 NOTE: PowerPC is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.
 -0- 10/18/93
 /CONTACT: Dean Mosely of Motorola, 512-891-2839; Malinda Banash or Anne Nason of Cunningham Communication, 617-494-8202, for Motorola/

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